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Trekking or mountain climbing is one of nature tourism activities are quite exciting in Bali. This type of activity makes the tourists to be closer to nature. In Bali quite a lot of trekking trails that can be enjoyed by tourists All these lines offer a charming beauty and challenge for the climbers. Now, climb Mount Batur has become a business that brings tourist dollars jingling. Climb Mount Batur have been as the latest challenge in Bali,
Batur mountain climbing activity is not something new. Local tourists already done this activity since the early 1980s. Formerly climbing Mount Batur is no more just a hobby but now, Batur mountain climbing has developed into a tourist Destination. Thanks to a vigorous campaign, this time climbing has become the mascot of Batur mountain tours. And not only climb to the summit of Mount Batur, lately many travelers who tracking activity in the region.



Most people climb Mount Batur in the morning, around 03.00 am. After climbing about two hours, and then wait for the sunrise at the top of the mountain. On average 50 people a day get together at the top to follow the ritual of waiting for sunrise.Weekend, even more crowded again. this one of the best Bali Sunrise Tours ,Climbing lane is actually not so confusing. Trek ascent is quite clear. Even if there is branching path, generally a route to settlement and farming community. However sehenarnya challenge, the path that consists of sand and rocks. Hats and sunglasses are very helpful to overcome the scorching sun. Sometimes winds also brought with dust that sometimes spins form like a whirlwind. Spun briefly and then glow disappeared.

Mount batur sunrise trekking tours
Although not bring drinks, about 10 minutes from the point of climbing there is a stall. half an hour drive away from this shop, you will find one another stall. Variety of drinks and snacks available. But the price is above the average. After passing through the second shop, there will be no trees retaining heat. Only bush shrubs and occasional pine tree standing two meters single. Shelter here briefly is strongly recommended. To simply unwind.
Lake Batur looks beautiful from a height, if fog is not blocking the view. Lake became so beautiful with the composition of Mount Abang in tow. However, haze often hinder clarity views over the lake. Sloping ramp and sandy track, is quite heavy to pass. But walked slowly to remain cautious, will bring us to the mountain pinggangan. With normal stamina, pinggangan mountain can be reached about a half hour from the point of climbing. Local Guide Mount Batur Trekking

Waist This mountain is a place that is relatively flat. There are three stalls that can be visited for a break. In the vicinity of this pinggangan, can be seen Batur crater with a diameter of about 400 meters. Depth of no less than 100 meters. Down through the steep path into the crater, can be found the source of hot water and fresh water basins. The walls of the peak is quite alluring. Alloy variety of colors which eventually form a blackish color. From this it can be seen there are two peaks.
To the east is the actual peak marked with a wooden pole with a flag on the end. While in the west is the culmination of one another. Climb to the top of the road becomes steeper. The slope up to 70 degrees more. Sand becomes more dominant. The peak itself be a plateau of approximately 10 square meters. At the top, stuck flagpole.
Standing at the top, the eye can see wide. We can stare at Bali almost complete. In the south is a region of Kintamani. To the east of visible Lake Batur, kept behind Mount Abang and Mount Agung. The trio formed in parallel from the lowest point, up to the highest, the lowest Mount Batur with a height of 1,771 meters above sea level (masl), then Mount Abang at an altitude of 2,152 meters above sea level, and Mount Agung is located at an altitude of 3,142 meters above sea level, the highest mountain in Bali.
The road to go home, you should use a different path. In addition to enriching the view, also avoid boredom. Good to choose the path to the village of Toyo Bungkah. the local language. Toyo means water and lumps means stone. So Toyo Bungkah means water flowing from the rock crevices. The village is right on the banks of Lake Batur.Titik early down it, right behind the stalls that are at the top. The track is not too extreme. Along the way will be found eideilweis perde tree. Typical plant mountain flowers never wither. The distance to the township about an hour. About 20 minutes before until, will pass a pine forest.

Privileged of Mount Batur
According to the tourists who have repeatedly climb this mountain, Mount Batur has a number of features that are not owned many other mountains, including the mountain in their country. Mount Batur has been known for a long time as a climbing Around the 1980s, the students of nature lovers, often make the climb to the summit of this mountain. At first, the students climb Mount Batur in the daytime. That is, they did just a hobby to find the edelweiss flower as a souvenir. But then, they ‘change direction’ to climb Mount Batur in the early morning to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. In the past, tourists who want to climb Mount Batur usually start the journey from Denpasar before dawn, then climb in the morning.

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