Come to the City of Buleleng and prepare as much as possible sentences to describe the beauty of this pristine lake. Lake Buyan and Tamblingan looks like a twin lake is lined by Mount Lesong. With a height of 1860 meters, Mount Lesong be guardians of the lake water clarity while creating silhouettes incredibly thrilling.
Chick natural silence there. You deserve to silence for a few moments. Let the cool air flowing into your bloodstream. Afterwards you walk along the edge, you can use a motor boat in the lake this if you want to get around. Most other fun activities are fishing in the middle of the lake. Time to yourself to do so by using small boats called “pedahu,” the boat which had been specially designed for the angler.

Tamblingan Jungle Trekking

However, if you opt for trekking, you know when to do it with a boat ride on Lake Tamblingan. The time you need to run your mission is about 3 hours, with the division of time approximately 2 hours to get to the mainland along the lake, then 1 hour boat ride from Lake Tamblingan. During the trekking trip, you should be careful in moving, because the unspoiled nature that presents a path that is steep and slippery slope. However, during the trip you can see the banyan tree which grew large and heavy, it may be hundreds of years old. There are also other tropical plants are allowed to grow freely. The people of Bali are very maintaining their natural environment, especially their attitude towards the banyan tree, the people of Bali, the banyan tree is “Eternal Tree.” The term refers to the nature of the plant, when we cut down the tree, the tree will grow back even has a branch new that could be more beautiful than ever. After carrying out trekking, please continue your journey with a few hundred down stairs to get to a temple which is in the middle of the wilderness.

Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan Sukasada located in the district, 21 km south of the city of Singaraja, located in a side street between Denpasar and Singaraja. It lies approximately 1000 meters above sea level causes the air rather cool and cold at night. While Tamblingan can be achieved through the fork in the direction of the village of Munduk, village Gobleg and translucent in Lovina.
For those of you who want to enjoy both lakes do not hesitate to steer the vehicle you enter the city of Singaraja. The place where the lake is located.

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