The History of Holy Mountain In Bali

The History of Holy Mountain In Bali

Mount Batur is located in Kintamani, Kab. Bangli is the second highest mountain in Bali after Mount Agung. Has a height of 1717 meters above sea level, Mount Batur including that active volcano. Last erupted in 2000. The major eruption on August 2 and 21 September 1926 Ulun Danu Batur gutted and Batur village.
In ejection Temple Bali Supralingga Bhuana proposed state Dwipa and Seleparang still silent, as if still floating in the vast ocean tenga.
History of mt-batur-bali

At that time in Bali new Dwipa there are four mountain, namely:
1. Mount Lempuyang in the Eastern
2. Mount Andakasa in Southern
3. Mount Karu in the Western
4. Mount Beratan (Mangu) in Northern

So that the state of Bali Dwipa at that time still unstable and shaky. This situation was discovered by Hyang Paspati that beristana / berParahyangan in Mount Semeru (Until now Balinese Hindu community still claim that Mount Semeru is one of the Main Temple). In order to be stable Bali (Tegteg) Hyang Pasupati then ordered Benawang Nala Trance, Trance Dragon Anantaboga, Trance and Trance Dragon Dragon Besukih Tatsaka move some peak of Mount Semeru to Bali. Trance Benawang Nala became the basis of the peak of Mount Semeru will be moved to Bali. Trance and Trance Dragon Dragon Anantaboga Besukih into the strap. While the Dragon Trance Tatsaka disampig be binding peak of Mount Semeru to be moved to Bali, also once flew from Java to Bali Dwipa Wetan. Then after arriving in Bali, the top of Mount Semeru, performed with the right hand into Mount Udaya Purwata / Tohlangkir / Mount Agung.yang taken with his left hand into Mount Cala Linga or later called Mount Batur (another name of Mount Batur was formerly the Mount TampurHyang / Mount Sinarata / Mount smudgy / Mount Bees / Mount ideran / Gunung Sari / Mount Indrakila / Mount Twin / Mount Chess)
Both mountain is then known as Dwi Linga Giri, who became Parahyangan Purusa Peredana (paa bersemayamnya The ruling god of the universe). Besides commanding Sanghyang Benawang nala, Trance Aantaboga Dragon, Dragon Trance Besukih, and Trance Dragon Tatsaka; Hyang Pasupati also assigned sons to Bali Dwipa, namely:

I. Dwi Linga Giri Purusa Predana:
a. Goda Pura Besakih (Purusa)
b. Pura Ulun Danu Batur Goda (Segara Danu as Predana)
II. Tri Linga Giri:
a. Pura Luhur Lempuyang (Brahma)
b. Besakih Temple (Shiva)
c. Ulun Danu Batur (Vishnu)

III. Linga Sapta Giri
a. Hyang Geni Jaya Ring Mount Lempuyang, paraHyangNya (mean of paraHyangNya is dwelling / dwelling. While his is the pronoun of God / Gods) in Pura Luhur Lempuyang
b. Hyang Putra Jaya ring Mount Udaya Parwata / Mount Tohlangkir / Mount Agung, paraHyangNya in Pura Besakih
c. Exalted Goddess Danu ring Mount Cala Linga / Mount Batur (Or Mount Sinarata / Mount Tampurhyang / Mount smudgy / Mount ideran / Mount Indrakila / Mount Twin / Gunung Sari)
d. Hyang Tumuwuh ring Mount Batukara, paraHyanganNya at Temple Watukaru.
e. Hyang Monument Mountain Andakasa ring, paraHyangNya in Pura Andakasa
f. Hyang Manuk Gumuwang mountain ring Beratan / Mangu Peak / Peak Tinggahan, paraHyangNya at Ulun Danu Beratan / Temple Tinggahan.
g. Manik Hyang Gayang / Galang ring Pejeng, parahyangNya at Temple Manik funnel.
Sons Hyang Pasupati is then a Amongan, sungsungan and Penyiwian, Queen Muang Burghers in Bali Dwipa. One son Hyang Pasupati is Hyang Dewi Danu in Purana language is Dewi Sri, the goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Pratama, and Goddess Basundari that everything is Abiseka Dasa Name (has another name) Fertility Goddess, Goddess of Prosperity, and Kewi Fortune Way of Lord Vishnu (god god Vishnu is the Preserver of Nature).
3.1 Chronology of Establishment Caldera
Mount Bumbulan (bubulan, Dungulan, writing), Mount Payang, and Mount Abang become one with Mount Batur Primitive height reaches 3500 meters above sea level. Collapse of the cone that forms part of the caldera, about 29,300 BC, where Mount Abang stand alone with a height of approximately 2,152 meters above sea level. Vanish the second time, approximately 20 150 BC, where Mount Payang cone, the cone of Mount Bumbulan / Writing forming undagan Kintamani.
Eventually emerged Small Mountain (son of Mount Batur Ancient) in the middle of the lake Batur berpucak Two (peaks and peaks Kanginan Herd). Therefore Pekraman Batur village there are two Jero, namely Jero Gede Kanginan (chaired by Jero Gede Duhuran Castle Kanginan), and Jero Gede Herd (chaired by Jero Gede Alitan Castle Herd).
The name Mount Before Named Mount Batur
1. Mount Cala Linga (Cala = not moving and not made by man; Linga = eternal place of the Gods)
2. Mount Sinarata (Uneven sun)
3. Mount TampurHyang / Mileage Hyang (Ida Signs Betara in the course of which digonggong (borne) by pamucangan)
4. Mount Bees (low)
5. Mount Ederan (surrounded Hill)
6. Mount smudgy (meingkar)
7. Gunung Sari (Core / Main)
8. Mount Indrakila (surrounded Munduk)
9. Mount Twins (culminating two)
10. Mount Chess (Mount foursome)
11. Mount Batur (Gunung Basic)
Note eruption of Mount Batur
Based on the contents ejection King Puranan Ulun Danu Batur Batur part Starch Sora Chronicle described in Candra Sangkala:
1. Angeseng Sasi Wak ie Saka year 110 (AD 188), Mount Batur erupted
2. Wang Sasi Wak ie Saka year 111 (AD 189), Mount Batur erupted
3. Saka year 112 (190 AD), Mount Gulf Biyu erupted
4. Wedang Sumiranting, ksiti namely Saka year 114 (AD 192), Mount Batur erupted.
5. From the year 1804 to 2000 Mount Batur erupted 30 times.
The most devastating eruption that on 2 August 21 September 1926 at 23.00 pm the lava pile up the village of Batur and Ulun Danu Batur. With the help of the Dutch government, the prisoners, as well as joint Batun Ida Betara (Bayung Gede, Sekardadi, Bonyoh, Selulung, Sribatu, Fruits, Kedisan, Abang, Trunyan, etc.) the whole village of Batur can save themselves. Including heirlooms like Gong Gede, Semar Kirang Pelinggih balemamas Mamas (spear Lerontek). Everything is saved to Bayung Gede village. After moving to the village Bayung Gede In this ever held Puja mayor twice. Then the feeling was safe, Batur village residents who temporarily fled to the village of Bayung Gede want to return back to their village. But was not allowed by the Dutch government to ensure safety to the public. At the new place, which is called Kalanganyar, Batur village residents were given land by the provisions that have been married for 3 acres and to widower / widow gets 1.5 acres. During inhabit Kalanganyar, Batur village residents still trying to build their back Ulun Danu Batur in the first place. After a few years, precisely in April 1935, held for the first time Ngusaba kedesa at Ulun Danu Batur new.
In 1963, six months after the eruption of Mount Agung, the case back eruption of Mount Batur is large enough. The loss of life at that time does not exist. This eruption back hoard Batur village and Ulun Danu Batur. So that all residents were displaced and moved to the village of Batur village location today.
There are interesting stories submitted by Jero Gede Alitan Castle herd, which is when they want to enter the village of Batur lava, lava stopped. This opportunity was used by residents to save their belongings. There’s even had time to harvest the onions in the field first. After all the goods and their crops survived, lava that had stopped moving back towards the village to hoard the entire village.
After moving the village, unless exposed to dust, to date not been directly affected by the eruption of Mount Batur.


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