What people say about sekumpul waterfall bali

What People say about Sekumpul Waterfall ?–

Sekumpul Waterfall Review

Sekumpul waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfall view in Bali. Actually there are more than one waterfall in the region, while walking to the waterfall I counted at least five large and small waterfalls, but not everything is within easy reach can only be seen from a distance. From the parking lot visitors must walk about 20 minutes down the trail and stairs, and also crossed a small stream to get to the location of the main waterfall. Must be careful, especially in the rain because the road impassable becomes increasingly difficult and slippery. From waterfalls Sekumpul visitors can also walk to the waterfall Lemukih (or vice versa) because the location is not too far away.

The waterfall is located in the village area Lemukih and Sekumpul in Singaraja. If you want to visit there, it is advisable to come from the direction Bedugul, turn to the right (T-junction) to the village Sekumpul. It is advisable to enter from the village Lemukih, because although the trekking path was much longer, but the view was good, before arriving in the parking lot of motor, we will pass through the Ricefield area which in my opinion is no less great with Tegalalang Ubud, interspersed also with clove, mangosteen and chocolate , Hire a local tour guide is recommended, because it will be very helpful during the trip.


Sekumpul waterfall trekking toursSekumpul waterfall bali

Bali has many waterfalls with different characteristics. Most of the waterfalls in Bali is located in the northern half of the island of Bali because of the topography of the foothill. Sekumpul is one of them. Surrounded by the rural atmosphere and natural plantation that has not been contaminated to make this place has a pretty scenery refreshes the mind. When we get to the waterfall through Lemukih village, then we will enjoy the view of the vast expanse of paddy fields and plantations along the way.

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