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Our Guest Feedback for Sunrise Volcano Hike in Bali

Bali Sunrise Trek Reviews

Name: Gwen

Email: Hide

Name Of The Program that you did: Mt Batur Sunrise Trek + Rafting

Your Feedback: Our guide for the trek was really nice and attentive! Im sorry I can’t remember his name and I wish I could because he’s really good! He literally lent me a helping hand when I was having a hard time on the way up and was very encouraging! Sunrise was really worth the 2 hours trek up and breakfast will be prepared for you as well. The river rafting was ok, a much more peaceful river as expected. Overall, everything was arranged for us and I am glad I chose Bali Jungle Trekking!


Name: Diana


Name Of The Program that you did: Mt. Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour

Your Feedback: Hello,

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this tour with you guys. My boyfriend and I stayed at the Gekkos Villa in Ubud and we were supposed to be picked up from our villa at 2AM. However, the driver was about 10 minutes late. He also was a very aggressive driver in that he sped along the entire way to Mt. Batur. I was planning on taking a nap in the car, but I was honestly holding tightly with my eyes opened wide. Luckily we didn’t crash.

When we got to the parking lot, it was nice because we met our tour guide, who was phenomenal!! He was very friendly and spoke English pretty well. It was a private tour with my boyfriend and I. He definitely kept a good pace and we didn’t need to stop much, which was nice. We made it up to the peak in about an hour and forty five minutes! I even had a hurt ankle that I hurt the day before the hike. The tour guide was nice to make sure I was ready to go when we needed to take breaks.

When we got to the top, he got out a mat for us to sit on in a secluded spot behind a lodge of some sort. It was a nice private area that we got (since we also arrived earlier than most tour groups). He cooked us eggs and banana/peanut butter toast. He was also kind enough to make us another peanut butter sandwich because I was a little more hungry.

Also, what I loved about our tour guide was that he was so enthusiastic about taking photos for us. We never had to ask! He would ask us if we’d like to take a photo! It was very nice because then I didn’t feel like an inconvenience to take photos.

All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend this tour. It’s a great price with great service!! Only thing I would recommend improvements on is having the driver pick up on time or to arrive a couple minutes early.

Thank you again!!!

Name: Antoine Boesch


Name Of The Program that you did: Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

Your Feedback: Organisation was good, on time, nothing to complain.
Thank you and thank you for the voucher as well.
I will recommend your organisation to my friends

Name: Tesa


Name Of The Program that you did: Mount batur sunrise trek

Your Feedback: We had such an amazing time doing this trek. Out guide was patient kind and helpful. And the view from the top is breathtaking. The communication when booking was excellent and we felt safe and looked after at all times.


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