Bayumala Waterfalls Bali

Banyumala Waterfall, Beautiful Natural Swimming Pool

Bayumala Waterfalls – It is located in Buleleng regency, northern part of Bali.  This regency is the area which can be said to be the paradise of waterfalls. Almost 90% tourist destinations in this regency are waterfalls. Most of the waterfalls in Bali are located in Buleleng regency. It is quite easy to find the regency. All you need to do is just to go around Bedugul as the main landmark. Then, you can go to the north until you find three junctions after you pass Buyan lake. Turn left at the three junction. Pay attention to the direction that is placed on the right side of the street. Now, all you need to do is just to follow that way.

Banyumala Twin Waterfalls

Bali has a lot of waterfalls. You can even be confused to choose which waterfall to visit.  If you want to find the waterfall which is beautiful and safe, Banyumala waterfall is one that  you can visit.

This waterfall is located in a valley with three sides of waterfall. The highest and the largest one is located at the center of it. The other smaller ones are placed at the left and right side. There is a natural pool that makes this waterfall  really beautiful.

With its clean and pure water, you will feel so safe to swim around the pool. You can even look at the base of the pool because the water is very clean. The depth of this pool can be up to 2 meters. The diameter of this pool is about 20 meter with a round shape so that many people can swim there at once.

 If you are not  able to swim, you do not need to worry. It can be the place for you to learn swimming. Just ensure to avoid the weekend because this place is usually crowded.

a unique thing that you will see when visiting Banyumala Twin waterfall is that many visitors come to the waterfall alone.  They look at the waterfall for a long time because the atmosphere is peaceful. The atmosphere and beauty of the waterfall make everyone love to stay here.


How to go to Bayumala Waterfall?

To reach the waterfall from the main road, firstly you find the direction of Banyumala waterfall, there are 3 kilometers of bad road condition. You have to be careful when passing it. Ensure that you park your vehicle a little bit away from the waterfall because the road is too narrow.

When you are arrive at the parking area, you have to go through the small walkway for about 400 meters. Then you will be in the ticket counter with small stores nearby.

It is not over yet, there will be smaller walkway which is in the form of traditional stairs. It is a little bit creepy, so remember to watch your steps and be careful. When it rains, the stairs are much more slippery. However after you arrive, all your efforts will be paid up.

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