Bukit Jambul Bali

Bukit Jambul

Bukit Jambul is one of the natural tourist attractions which is very interesting to visit in Karangasem Regency which is situated 1,5 km from Denpasar City. Nowadays, this spot is very well-known and it was a stop point on Besakih Temple or Mount Agung Tour Packages. It is also supported by local restaurants that serve typical selection of Indonesian and international menus for travelers who visit it. The travelers will be fascinated by the beautiful panorama including the green tropical atmosphere on the entire area.


What you can see in Bukit Jambul

In Bukit Jambul there is a large banyan tree which grows on the top of the hill like a cockscomb so that the local people name it Bukit Jambul in which Bukit means hill, meanwhile Jambul means cockscomb. This spot becomes well-known because of the spectacular panorama of rice terrace, winding and zig zag road as well as palm trees stretching to the sea that can be seen from the hill. The plateau area where it is located is always covered by cool temperatures making it very appropriate for relaxation. Many travelers halt at this place and enjoy the wonderful panorama everyday when they are on the way to Besakih Temple or Mount Agung. They usually do so for sightseeing or joining Besakih Temple or Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking Packages.


How to Visit Bukit Jambul

To visit Bukit Jambul which is located in Karangasem Regency, eastern part of Bali Island from Denpasar City, it takes about 1.5 hours drive or 30 minutes to Besakih Temple which is well-known as the mother temple for Bali. When we start our trip from Kerta Gosa, it just takes 30 minutes to the north until we find the winding road. This place is very easy to access because it is located in a strategic location just on the way, the main road, from Klungkung to Besakih Temple or Mount Agung.

The location of Bukit Jambul

The name of the village where Bukit Jambul is situated is Pesaban sub village, Nongan village, Rendang district, Karangasem Regency, eastern part of Bali. Bukit Jambul with its rice terrace is well known as an extra ordinary natural tourist attraction because of the harmony of hills, rice terraces, valleys and the amazing sea panorama in a distance. It is also surrounded by fresh tropical atmosphere and peaceful environment.

In Bukit Jambul you can take a good rest and enjoy meals or snacks, or hot coffee. Surely you can take memorable pictures with the fascinating panorama of the hilly land and green rice terraces. Some people say that the name of Bukit Jambul was firstly known during the Dutch invasion in Indonesia by a traveler, who was inspired by a high hill standing on the south of the main road which connect Klungkung regency and Besakih temple in Karangasem regency. There are Hindu shrines called Pura Pucak Sari on the summit of the hill which is beautifully surrounded by big trees. Below the shrines complex there is a breathtaking panorama of rice terraces. This makes the trees look like a tassels of hair from a distance. Hiking or tracking are activities which are very suitable to do here considering the nature of the place.

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