Lovina Beach Bali

Lovina Beach is a Beautiful black sandy

Lovina Beach is a black sandy beach located on the northwestern coast of the island of Bali, Indonesia. The coastal strip stretches from 5 km west of the city of Singaraja to 15 km west. Singaraja is the capital of Buleleng Regency. The Lovina area cosists of the villages of Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Anturan, Banyualit, Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem and Temukus. Kalibukuk is the main forefront of this area and is often considered to be “Lovina town centre”.
It is more well-known by tourists but remains much quieter than southern beaches of Bali island such as Kuta and Sanur. Lovina is a very relaxing and laid-back escape from the chaotic southern part of Bali.

The History of Lovina Beach

The name “Lovina” is derived from the name of a house which belongs to Pandji Tisna (1908-1978), a Regent of Buleleng and pioneer of tourism in north Bali in the early 1950s.
Nowadays modern minimarts and ATMs are located on the busy main road. Lovina offers very reasonable priced accommodation from no star home stays to about three star resorts. Luxurious private villas are situated all along the coast, too. Food is generally cheaper than Ubud or the southern coast by about a third.
The beach is generally safe for swimming, and the water of north Bali, compared to the crashing surf of the south, are relatively calm and peaceful. From a distance, the water does not look too clean due to the colour of the sand but it is in fact almost always crystal clear.

What we can see in Lovina Beach Bali


Activities that can be done by tourists are diving, snorkeling, fishing, dolphin watching, and diving on coral reefs. Lovina is ideal for family groups with young children or older visitors who want to turn back and quickly become part of the community. It can get a little crowded in July and August, but outside that peak season, this is a quiet part of the island.


Lovina also has a large number of tourist stalls which are mostly located in the area between the beach and the main road. The stall owners are not as aggressive as those in other parts of Bali. Open air bars often provide loud, live music in which customers can participate and it is common to see foreigners jamming with local musicians. Many foreigners have made this place busy at sunset time when both local people and foreigners come down to the beach for ‘happy hours’ and good meals.

The most well-known activity in Lovina is Dolphin watching. This dolphin watching trip usually lasts about two hours.

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