Singsing Waterfalls and Wonderful Surrounding Areas

Singsing Waterfalls Bali

“Singsing” is an interesting name, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the name does not mean that the waterfall can sing or that it can produce harmonious melodies like a song. However, Singsing Waterfalsl are still a beautiful and natural place. It is worth visiting during your trip to Lovina beach, north Bali.

Singsing Waterfalls are located in Banjar Labuhan aji, Temukus Village, districtof Banjar,Buleleng regency, north Bali, more or less three kilometers west of Lovina. Car and motorbike parking facilities are built large enough and operated by village community near the water falls. There are also small shops, restaurants and villas around the area of Singsing waterfalls.

Singsing Waterfalls North Bali

Singsing water falls are actually quite low and humble, but that is just part of the overall fascination—you just cannot stand but to appreciate it and feel its irresistible beauty that alluringly make you put on your swimming gears and jump in to the large pond. Singsing waterfall might not be the tallest or most popular, but it is surely great fun to visit. When you are on the spot, as if that you will have the whole place to yourselves.
You need to trek a bit to reach the waterfall in the first place, so not many people can stand the temptation to refresh themselves by swimming in the waterfalls’ ponds so that be sure to bring some extra clothes.
There are actually two waterfalls in Singsing area. one of them is about a few hundred meters from the public road and the other one is a bit deeper steeper inside. You can swim around but the pool at the second waterfall is deeper and more challenging.


When the best time to visit Singsing Waterfalls

During dry season in Bali, generally this refers to the period of May to September, the volume of the waterfalls may decrease a little bit, but this means that it would be easier for you to walk around.
Taking a refreshing hike to Singsing Waterfall and its surrounding areas is really a fascinating experience. The atmosphere in Singsing Waterfalls offers beautiful natural scenery and shade. Singsing waterfalls bring exotic and romantic ambience.

Many visitors both domestic and foreign tourists visit Singsing waterfalls. It is because the circumstance is beautiful, calm, and peaceful so it is appropriate for physical fitness. The paths to the waterfalls are suitable for exciting trekking or hiking. And also it is not too distant from Lovina, so that these waterfalls are easily accessed and worth visiting.

Just a short walk from Singsing waterfalls , there is a Ducth monument. The local people call it “Tugu Belanda”. This monument was set up by the Dutch colonial government to sort of noting the death of a Dutch officer who was killed in Banjar battle in 1868. In 1956 the monument was destroyed because it was considered not good to respect the colonialists. But it was rebuilt in 1992. The panorama of north Bali beaches from this monument and the surrounding areas are truly wonderful. This is surely one of the reasons why many people have built villas around here.

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