Alas Kedaton Temple and its Monkey Forest

Alas Kedaton Temple Bali

Alas Kedaton is the name of a small forest which is around 6 – 7 hectares in width. It is situated in the middle of rice fields in Tabanan regency, western part of Bali. The overall size of this forest which includes a temple and its supporting facilities is about 12 hectares. In this area, there is a temple which is called Alas Kedaton Temple. The natural environments of this area look very green and lush with its fresh air. This creates calm, quiet and sacred atmosphere. The monkeys that inhabit this forest are tame and wander freely in the temple and its surrounding area. The monkeys like jumping up and down on temple walls. Some of them like taking a bath in moats or hanging out on the branches of trees. The monkeys look like the guardians of the temple that are always ready to welcome all visitors who come there. Beside the monkeys, there are also bats and some other animals. There are also at least 24 kinds of plants that have been identified in Alas Kedaton.

Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest

Administratively, Alas Kedaton is situated in Kukuh countryside, Marga Sub district, Tabanan Regency. This place can be reached easily by motor bikes or cars through the main road from Denpasar city to Tabanan town. On your way to this tourist destination, you will see beautiful natural scenery of rice fields.


Alas Kedaton temple

Alas Kedaton temple has three yards namely external, middle and central yard. The center and middle yards are bordered by walls. Whereas the external yard is simply an open yard. This temple has four entrances.The temple ceremonies or festivals in Alas Kedaton temple occur every 210 days in one year. It is on “Anggarakasih Medangsia” (Balinese Hindu Calendar) where on that time the Balinese Hindu people do the praying to request the safety and prosperity from the almighty God. What is unique in this ceremony is that it is prohibited to use fire and “Penjor” (sort of very famous Balinese religious decoration made of a bamboo tree and some coconut leaves, fruits, and vegetables and a small shrine attached to it) and also it has to finish before the sun sets or before the night comes.


The development of this tourist destination has made it to be a training location about natural tourism, environmental handling and agro tourism. Alas Kedaton is visited by many tourists both domestic and foreign visitors. Foreign tourists usually visit it in August, December until January, while the domestic tourists usually visit it on holiday seasons and the feast day of Ramadan month (Islam holiday). The best time to visit this temple is during the day time. In front of Alas Kedaton temple there are quite many small shops selling handicrafts as souvenirs, such as clothes, pants and other handicrafts. There are also some eating stalls selling foods and beverages. Toilets and parking area are also available here.

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