The Excitement of Volcano Sunrise Trek in Bali

Best Sunrise Trekking in Bali

The Excitement of Volcano Sunrise Trek in Bali

If you have a plan to visit Bali, it is highly recommended that you challenge yourself to join this trekking tour and experience it with a company like Bali Jungle Trekking that will do you a favor to encourage you along your journey, and control all the logistics for your journey to the place as well as your way back.


Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking: a very worthwhile challenge to do

If you seek for a challenge that will grant you with a tremendous sunrise, Hiking up Mount Batur in Bali with Bali Jungle Trekking is worthwhile in its every single challenging step.

For this amazing trekking experience, your friends and you need not to worry anything at all. Just bring what you really needs such as hiking clothes, shoes and of course your camera.


A Description of Mount Batur.

Mount Batur is situated near a town called Kintamani on the northeastern part of Bali, Indonesia. It is an active volcano. Kintamani itself is located on the edge of the huge Batur caldera which is about 1,500m above sea level that offers splendid panorama of the volcano and the peaceful lake called “Danau Batur”(“Danau” is an Indonesian word that means lake) .

As you arrive in Kintamani, your friends and you will be encouraged to hike Mount Batur. From some reviews that you might have read or heard, the Mount Batur sunrise trekking can be easy or a little bit hard depending on the route you take and your health condition. Your guide, friends and you yourself will meet at about 4.00am at a meeting spot.


Cars will take all of you to the starting spot of the hiking tour which is about 30 minutes away from the real climbing up and walking sticks will be given there. If you are an experienced hiker, or in an excellent physical condition which means that you are usually active and lead a relatively healthy lifestyle, this hiking tour is not always easy. This hiking tour does have some challenging spots, steep climbs and loose gravel, but there is always a tree that you may grab onto. Your walking stick is always useful for you. Encouraging words of your friends and the guides are also useful to help you get through it.

After around 30 minutes hiking, you will arrive at a meeting spot where you can let your guides know about your condition. The guides will offer at this time if anyone feels that they cannot go further to the peak. In case you need it, there is an alternative route that you may take to be able to catch up the sunrise. However, the excitement of enjoying the wonderful sunrise will make you continue hiking up regardless the darkness of the night and trail difficulties. The flashlights and your eagerness to see the sunrise will support you to be more encouraged to be at the peak on time.

Hiking in Bali Volcano is truly exciting

The exciting hiking to climb up to the peak of mount Batur sometimes make you utter a lot of grunting, a bit of cursing, and lots of encouraging words along the journey. As you continue to climb, you will constantly look behind to track your progress as the sun makes an appearance in the east. You will start to get anxious that you are going to miss it all and start to take pictures as you see the sun crest on the horizon. After 2.5 hours of climbing and hiking you will make it to the peak to cheer up your friends and perhaps other hikers as well. All of you will witness one of the most beautiful sunrises you have ever seen so far. As if you can’t take enough pictures. So, make sure that you will not miss the splendid beauty of the sunrise on top of mount Batur.


After an awesome breakfast of hard boiled eggs, bread, fruits and coffee you will start your hiking down, which is a little bit easier and quicker than climbing up. When you arrive at the foot of the mountain, cars will be waiting to take you back to your guest house for your third breakfast of the day and beers to celebrate your successful journey.

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