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Exploring the Green Tropical Nature of Bali through Mount Batukaru Trekking

Exploring the Green Tropical Nature of Bali

For travelers who love adventures, Bali does not only offer tropical beaches with good shopping places and inexpensive foods. Bali island also offers several wonderful trekking sites.

With a number of mountains suited to a variety of trekking skills, the Bali trekking panoramas need not be reserved only for the truly bold travelers. The trekking activities can be made easy by finding a local trekking guide from the neighboring villages, or saddling up with a group through one of several travel companies that offer these activities.

Choosing a local guide is an intimately cultural experience, as most Balinese guides will be able to reveal the secrets of the mountains and offer you the opportunities to understand these wonderful structures. Travelers are led to the best views through the safest routes which depend on the weather and their ability to catch their breath.


If you choose to self-guide your ascent, you have to be prepared that these mountains cannot be taken lightly! With the tropical weather combined with high altitudes, unexpected showering rains and significant drops in temperature can take place suddenly. The conditions can be dangerous for most travelers, affecting the terrain and making it easier for you to slip. Trekking journeys require proper gears, volcanic activity knowledge, weather predictions, and proper hiking shoes. Thus, choosing travel companies with their local guides are always recommended, because to put it simply: if you don’t know then you shouldn’t go. This is for your safety. Then, let us enjoy fascinating mountain climbing journeys in Bali. And if you would like to Climb Mount Batukaru please do not hesitate to contact us any time ‘ Bali Jungle Trekking

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