Amazing Waterfall in Bali

Amazing waterfall that you should visit in Bali

Thinking of Bali, a lot of people think of white sandy beaches, rolling surf and watching the sunset by the ocean. If you look away from the shores and head inland you can find the other side of the paradise island. Beautiful waterfalls, hidden canyons and crystal clear swimming pools are other magnificent natural beauty of Bali. The only precondition is to be able to walk down stairs for about 10 minutes and then up again after. If you are the adventurous type then you will have no doubt to be fine but this is not for people of poor fitness. Bali owns many waterfalls but some of them are so crowdedly touristic. Below you can find a list of some of the best waterfalls on the island.

Below are the list Best Waterfalls in Bali


Tegenungan Waterfall
This waterfall is probably one of the most touristic waterfalls in Bali. However, if you choose the right time then you can have the place to yourself. Tourists and local people similarly gather here around noon to have a swim during the hot temperature of the day. However, if you can arrive earlier, you are able to catch the sunrise over the palm trees and see the light radiate through the haze from the waterfalls. You have to take quite a few stairs to the bottom but it is nothing too severe to get back up to the top again. There is a path leading to the top of the waterfalls where you can find some villagers up here washing their clothes and taking a bath. If the bottom section is hectic then just take the path to the top of the waterfalls, no one goes here so you will have it all to yourself. Tegenungan Waterfall is situated just 30 minutes from Ubud town and around 30 minutes from Sanur and you can find the location easily here.


Sekumpul Waterfalls
Sekumpul waterfalls are one of the most beautiful ones in Bali. As a matter of fact, in this small valley there are 7 waterfalls and if you have the time you can go exploring the area and enjoy all 7 of the waterfalls. The main waterfalls are about 15 minutes hike from the parking lot and you need to follow a man made water drain along until you come to some stairs. Please follow the stairs down and you cross a bridge and take the path to the left. Then you need to follow the path along the river and to the right are the waterfalls. Everything is covered in spray here but you can leave your belongings and go to the pool at the bottom and enjoy the beautiful fresh clear water. Sekumpul waterfalls are about 2 hours drive from Denpasar city along the main highway that goes through Bedugul. Directions to the waterfalls can be seen here on the way.


Tibumana Waterfall
Tibumana waterfall is a wonderful hidden paradise and just up the river from the much more touristic waterfalls of Reng Reng. In fact, this waterfall is mainly visited by local people so that this waterfall is generally quiet as it is a 5 minute drive off the main road and then a 5 to 10 minute hike to the waterfalls themselves. Tibumana is situated just a 30 minute drive from Ubud and highly recommended for those would like to escape from the tourists and enjoy the peaceful and serene setting. It is one of the most peaceful and beautiful waterfalls throughout Bali and a site to relax and enjoy the jungle atmosphere.


Nung Nung Waterfall
Nung Nung is one of the more well-known waterfalls in the northern part of Bali and if you come after 10 a.m. then you will find it crowded with people. It is highly recommended to arrive earlier in the day or after 3 p.m. as you will find it quieter and the sun shining nicely on the waterfalls. The water here is quite cold and you have to take a lot of stairs to the bottom to reach these waterfalls. There is a path that stretches just as you start to come down the stairs and heads across to the top of the waterfalls. However, it is much better to head down to the bottom and enjoy the refreshing cool water. There is also another small waterfall that you will see just after you cross the bridge and here you can plunge into the water and have a natural shower. You can hike around Nung Nung waterfalls but the wind which is created by the falling water is very intense here and a pair of goggles is recommended as the spray is very hard and restricts your visibility.


Aling Aling Waterfall
Aling Aling is actually the name for a whole group of waterfalls which is situated in the northern part of Bali. It is just 20 minutes drive from both Lovina and Gitgit waterfalls. The Aling Aling waterfalls are the biggest but if you go upstream there will be some gems you can find. There are some tour operators that offer canyoning from Gitgit waterfalls through the canyons all the way down the valley to close to Lovina. Just up from the main waterfalls, there is a beautiful pool that you can jump into from the rocks above or just relax in the natural pool there. During the dry season in Bali, the water is crystal clear and thus it is a perfect time to visit. During the rainy season, heavy flows from the river can flood the pool and make it dangerous for swimming because of the strong currents and high levels of water.


Kroya Waterfall
Kroya waterfall is one of the most beautiful sites in the region. The waterfalls are not so big but if you go to the top you are able to slide down the rocks and into the pools at the bottom. The rock pool is an amazingly beautiful place to relax. Please remember to bring a blow up mattress so that you can just lay and relax with the jungle all around you. There is also some rock jumps you can do up to around 10 meters high and the water is plentifully deep enough for a jump of this height. Kroya waterfall is situated just below the Aling Aling waterfall. When you go down the road towards Aling Aling, instead of turning left, you can just continue down the track and you will come to a sign that reads Kroya waterfall. It is about 20 to 30 minutes from Lovina, in the northern coast of Bali.
There are a lot more waterfalls in Bali which are not yet discussed here. Each of them has its own uniqueness. Please go exploring throughout the tropical island of paradise. 

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