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Tamblingan Jungle Trekking Tour

BALI JUNGLE ADVENTURE  – Tamblingan Jungle Adventure Tour — This is one of the Jungle exploration tour and the best nature lakes in the world. Can be reach 1.5 hours from south Bali , jungle trekking will take you to the real jungle in Bali Hindu temple site of ancient relics can be found in the vast tropical rain forest. The old legend of the old temple will give you information about the culture of the real Bali  . Tamblingan lake adjacent to Lake Buyan where you will find the authenticity and freshness of the air in the mountains of Bali. Along the way you will find some old temple which until now still preserved by the locals, in the forest you will see the giant trees that will amaze you orchid plants also grow along the way you’ll pass along your journey through the beauty of pristine forest and feel the coolness of mountain air, this trip was very interesting and amazing.


We will introduce you to the real beauty of the northern part of the protected forests of the island of Bali and take you to visit the temple legend is unique and has an interesting story from the surrounding population concerned with culture there – for more detail please visit – Source: BALI JUNGLE ADVENTURE

4 Comments on Tamblingan Jungle Trekking Tour

  1. Kadek our driver of the day took us in charge at the hotel to take us at the edge of Lake Tamblingan. A nice local guide we had take for a ride of 2 hours in the rain forest, it was a wonderful human experience to listen to him tell us about his life in his small village of Munduk. the trek ends with the crossing of the Lake with the traditional dugout canoe of the local fishermen.


  2. This place is very relaxing. 2 hours walking in the jungle, visit some temple . The canoe trip is relaxing and allows to observe the place, mainly under the clouds. The jungle trek to learn about varieties of flora.


  3. laurevoyage63 // March 12, 2017 at 4:02 pm // Reply

    We hiked into the forest with a guide then crossed the Lake by traditional boat. it’s was very relaxing experience and interesting explanations from the guide. Really a good time


  4. Lawrence L // March 12, 2017 at 4:19 pm // Reply

    Our guide was really great and explained us everything on vegetation, animals and utilities of some plants that we see during our trek. We are even swung on vines in addition to visiting temples (not very impressionannts however)! I would say that we walked in the forest for about 1 h 30 and then crossing the tamblingan lake by traditional dugout canoe, The crossing of the Lake is done quietly, it’s very nice experiences,


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