Bayumala Waterfall Hike

The Greatest Combination Jungle , Waterfall, Spiritual Hiking Tour Jungle Hike to Banyumala Waterfalls Wondrous Nature Retreat  with mystical impression and is suitable for the retreat. The view of pristine protected forest you would walk the village. Much can be met and in view throughout your trip here. The place is located in the Wanagiri Village Singaraja district in the northern part of the island of Bali. With the hospitality of the locals make this place a paradise for you. You will find four waterfalls hidden in the forests and hills.


Voice birds sound around us during the trek , leafy trees, the waterfall is very beautiful, the sound of crickets sounded from the sidelines between the cliff walls make the atmosphere feels unites us with nature. It’s the real hidden natural beauty that eventually we get after many years we travel and design to the make the program very interesting sightseeing trip. for more detail please visit – Source: Bali Spiritual- Jungle and Waterfalls Trek — Adventure Tour —

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  1. David // at 12:49 am // Reply

    We were there in the morning. The waterfall is located in the nowhere. The trail is very steep, slippery and exhausting. But it’s worth the trouble all times. There are several waterfalls and you can swim in it. It’s not deep. The surrounding area is very quaint. In addition to one other couple we were alone there. The road is not paved, stone slabs are laid. Therefore, the vehicle must be suitable. We were traveling with a tour guide from Bali Jungle Treking

  2. Irina // at 12:54 am // Reply

    Very beautiful place! The natural beauty and stunning views. the waterfall is beautiful and located in the jungle. Highly recommend for you who would like to explore the nature, enjoy

  3. DM92672 // at 12:57 am // Reply

    My wife and I recently joined the team at Bali Jungle Trekking on their Spiritual Jungle and Waterfall trek. This was an amazing experience. We were picked up on time from our hotel in Ubud and driven about 2 hrs up into the mountains. The drive itself was very enjoyable. We meet our guide at the company post and were greeted warmly by their staff and given coffee and tasty banana fritters before we started off on our trek. I will say that this day trek was the real deal and we negotiated lush jungle trails that were fairly rugged. You do need to be in decent physical shape and I would advise wearing at least trail running shoes with good grip. The trails can be slippery and very rocky with tree roots. Our guide was great in showing us the way and all of the local trees and plant life. You also get to see a small temple in a sulphar cave along the way which was very interesting and peaceful. The highlight of the trek is the multiple waterfalls you hike to. They are quite simply stunning. The lush jungle is also extremely beautiful. I have been on many day jungle treks and seen waterfalls and this may just be the best one I have ever been on. The main part of the trek is about 2.5 hrs and then you come back to the post have a drink and then take another shorter hike down to a massive waterfall with pool you can swim in. It looked like something on a computer screen saver and the water was refreshing. After all the hiking, we were brought back to the post and served a nice Bali style lunch by a local woman from the village. It was simple but very good. All in all, this trek was a 10 and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a real jungle trek and see mind blowing waterfalls! This was an experience my wife and I will never forget.

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