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Bali Twin Lake Jungle Hike

Bali Twin Lakes Jungle Trek – Tamblingan Lake and Buyan lake are very famous with it’s amazing jungle, and the view so this places will be one of the best place for trekking tour to explore the nature, and refresh your mind. The trekking package that arrange in this places will take you to exploring both this lake, during the trek to the jungle we will visit some Bali Hindu temple site of ancient relics can  be found in the vast tropical rain forest.


The legend of the old temple will give you information about the culture of the real Bali, and the finishing point of this trek is at Gubug Temple ( this temple located at the parking area of Tamblingan Lake) to get there we will use traditional dugout canoe to crossing the lake. for more detail please visit –Source: BALI TWIN LAKES JUNGLE TREKKING TOUR

2 Comments on Bali Twin Lake Jungle Hike

  1. NicolasGoemanne // March 8, 2017 at 1:00 am // Reply

    Highly recommend!! Jungle trekking was quite fun, our guide kutut explained everything in detail, and the canoe small stream across the Lake was very soothing. Good for a couple of hours of fun and good for the physical:)


  2. As agreed, we were nicely on time and taken to the starting point of the jungle walk. With the enthusiastic guide a serious trip along beautiful trees, plants, animals and temples. If last still more crossed over with a double wooden Balinese canoe, delicious. Afterwards had lunch after which our driver asked if we would like a nice temple to visit. Of course we have adopted and that offer so incidentally, still a nice piece of Bali. Price and product are fine with each other in line.


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