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Rafting and Sunrise Adventure Tour

Mount Batur Trek and Rafting Combination Tour – This package is recommend for you love the real nature adventure in Bali, this combination  is one of the popular tour that we have, it’s start from 1.30 am from your hotel then drive back to Sunrise Trekking Point, we will climb the Mt batur and you will be spoiled with sunrise coming .Once completed you will be invited to enjoy the sunrise on the rim of the crater around Mount Batur by your local guide. When finished touring on the Batur mountain top, you will be down the mountain to reach the finish point. Arriving at the finish point you will continue the journey to ayung river for Rafting Adventure.  the trek duration is about 5 hours in total.


After the trek we will continue to Ayung River for the next adventure – Ayung river also has a beauty that is not less interesting. You will find a waterfall on a cliff. Cliff that stands firm of sandstone and carved to look pretty well decorate your trip.. Please for more detail just visit  : Mount Batur Trek and Rafting Adventure Tour

5 Comments on Rafting and Sunrise Adventure Tour

  1. 2.00 we were picked up at the hotel. Our driver was already waiting for a while. The hike was to do good, with some tricky pieces. The guide was very friendly. On top of the top, he sought a quieter place on where we could watch the sunrise and the breakfast. The view was great and also the monkeys on top were very nice. The way back was also doing fine! Well worth the effort. Then right for rafting. Also that was super fun! The river is not very wild, but for a first experience with rafting was very nice!! The driver remained all the time at the car so the stuff we didn’t need the car stay nice I could.


  2. Batur Active Volcano trek and White water rafting
    We reserved this full day tour through a tour company in Bali and we think it was really one of the best decisions. My wife and I had a separate guide for the trek and for rafting! They served great food for us!! They also took good care of our safety and well being! Below are few tips if you are are interested to take this tour:

    1.The pickup service from the hotel where you stay at 1.30 AM (Kuta area). Therefore, make sure that you have enough sleep the previous day.
    2. It is recommended to put on jackets and ensure that you are well covered for the trekking trip because it will be cold up at summit of the active volcano.
    3. For the rafting tour, it is recommended to use a lot of sun screen since it is an 18 Kms long river. You are not going to notice the sun burn during the rafting tour but it can get nasty once you are back at the hotel. Above all, the rafting tour is really super fun to do!
    4. It is strongly recommended not to try to take pictures while on the raft, you are going to almost surely drop your camera or phone!


  3. Climbing Up Batur Active Volcano and rafting
    These are the activities that we did love. Firstly, we were picked up by our extremely friendly driver who let us enjoyed sleeping on our way to the mountain. (2:30 a.m).
    Then the trekking trip to the summit of the active volcano was just us 2 with our guide. My friend was not so (not at all) sporty and it was her idea to do this. At that time, Our guide pulled her to the summit of the mountain. he was so grateful. After hiking up the active volcano, we went to the coffee plantation. We could have skipped it as we don’t drink coffee. What is a real excitement is the rafting was the absolute bomb. We could enjoy fascinating surroundings and nice people. We met only little thing in which our boat instructor could not speak English very well. With only tourists in his boat so that sometimes we just did not have a clue what he was saying at that time. When we finished, the other instructor was then waving with money which gave a sign to TIP our instructor. Above all, the rafting was the best part. We did Love it!


  4. Amiliatoh // May 7, 2017 at 5:24 am // Reply

    A Trekking Trip to Batur Active Volcano
    To tell you the truth, this trip has been one of the most exciting experiences in my life! Our guide, Made was very great, funny, nice and absolutely the best guide!!! This trip is highly recommended!!!


  5. A wonderful time with an exciting guide and fun trek
    We did enjoy our trek with our helpful guide, Dedi. He told us about all the landmarks along the way both up the mountain and down.

    The guide excitedly answered and discussed every question we asked him about Balinese religion, culture, and language of the island.

    Additionally, the breakfast and coffee/tea served at the summit was very tasty.

    During the tour, we stopped to see the monkeys, and after Budi told us that they were much less aggressive than the ones in the Monkey Forest, we were pleasantly surprised to witness that he was right.

    What is more is that we recommend doing the lake-side hot springs that follows the trek since it was the perfect end with a really wonderful view.

    Obviously, the trek through this company is a must-do in Bali and really worth the early-morning wake up!!!


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