What you have to be prepared before climbing the highest Volcano in Bali

Important things you need before climbing the highest Volcano in Bali

Please have decent footwear
Make sure that you have appropriate hiking shoes as this is not a flip-flop or sandal climb. At that time I wore trekking boots that wrapped my ankles and I saw other climbers in solid running shoes. Make sure that you have sufficient grip on your shoes as you will be walking in mud low down and slippery moist rocks high up. This is a very easy trek to slip and twist an ankle or even worse. There is nothing in the way of air-evac — you will have to hobble out, so watch your steps. You do have insurance right?

Do get Dressed sensibly
In this trekking trip Bintang singlet tops and board shorts are not recommended — that is not to say that some people were not wearing them. Ideally you need long pants and some sorts of fleecey top. The main problem with wearing cotton T-shirts is that you will work up a sweat and when you stop the shirt gets very cold, very fast. As I didn’t have any fleece gear, instead of wearing them then I wore a pair of cargo pants and two T-shirts. Additionally, Wet weather gear (at least a poncho) is a good idea, as you may get some rain down low. I saw some people wearing gloves and I wished I’d had some, but if you do wear gloves, make sure that they are fairly thin so you can still reach into nooks and crannies when you’re traversing the steep rock faces.

Please cut your toenails
This probably sounds ridiculous, but on the way down, the walk will be punishing on your toes. So, if you cut your toenails short, you will avoid some of the worst of the pain.

Useful headlamp or torch
Because you will be climbing at night in the trekking trip, you will need a light. I had my own headlamp, so I used that. Other climbers had a torch. Personally I prefer a headlamp as it frees your hands. If you have neither, just talk to your guide beforehand and they should be able to sort you out to provide the light.

Please make sure that you have enough food and water
For this challenging trek, please take at least two liters of water — one liter for the walk up and another one for the walk down. Three is a lot, four litters is overdoing it. Remember you have to carry your own water. I went with two litres and finished the last mouthfuls of the second liter at the car park. High energy snacks or a couple of chocolate bars are a good idea to bring along. Your local trekking guide should have some simple food for you. In my case my local guide had for me a couple of jam sandwiches, a boiled egg and a hand of sweet bananas. I saw other trekking guides were cooking their guests’ chocolate banana pancakes at the summit.(this is serious!) The sandwiches and bananas were enough for me at that time.

Sunscreen is also important
Sunscreen is needed unless you go climbing the volcano during the day, only the last hour of the trek down should be in direct tropical sunlight, and even then, early in the morning. However, at that time I wouldn’t bother with sunscreen.

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