Sambangan Long Trek Review

Long Trekking Review- North Bali’s Aling Aling Waterfalls

Sambangan Long Trekking Review – 

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You can call me, Meyshsi. I am an Egyptian, I spent my holiday in Bali for 2 weeks and I stayed in Ubud, on 11 September, five of us including my family and my friend were interested in trying packages of Sambangan Long Trekking, because I wanted to see all the beauty of nature in the village of Sambangan in North Bali. The trips started from Ubud. Our driver picked us up at 6:00 am and drove for two hours past the lake, hills, rice fields and other wonderful places. We got to the office of Aling aling waterfall at about 8 a.m. Before we began trekking, we took the time to eat breakfast, so that we would not feel hungry and tired. We started our journey at 8:30 a.m. We were accompanied by 2 guides. They were Kadek and Gede.


The trips ranges from passing rice fields, coffee plantations and houses, and a lot of climbs we passed. We walked about 1 hour to find the waterfalls. The first waterfall is commonly called Cemara Waterfall. the waterfall was very beautiful, so that the feeling of tiredness that we felt during a walk about 1 hour disappear instantly. However, we did not decide to swim here. It was because the water in the waterfall is very cool. Then we proceed to walk for about 10 minutes to meet the next waterfall. And the next waterfall that we found was called the Dedari waterfall. The name of this water fall derives from Balinese language that means “Angel”. In this waterfall, the water flows very heavily so that in this place visitors are not allowed to swim. And the third waterfall we found was called Canging waterfall. Because our bodies were full of sweat, then we decided to swim in this waterfall. This waterfall has a height of approximately 7 meters and has a pool which is big enough for us to enjoy swimming.


During the trip we also tried the typical Balinese food such as fried flour coated bananas called “godoh” or “pisang goreng”. The food was very tasty when it was mixed with brown sugar in the capture of palm trees Sugar. After that we continued the journey on to the next waterfall. Then on our way through rice fields with views of the North Bali sea and town really made us very impressed. When the time stroke at 12 mid day, we decided to take a break and do enjoy our lunch on rice cengana. This was the starting point for anyone who did medium trekking in Sambangan. Then we went on a trip to the waterfall, passed clove plantations and cocoa. After walking for about 18 minutes, then we stopped at one of the houses in this village. Here we tried eating local fruits such as cocoa, coconut and banana. Surely this was a very pleasant moment because we could do joking with the local people in this village. The people were very friendly. They welcomed our arrival here excitedly. After that we proceed to the natural pools which took about 7 minutes walking. We were truly amazed when we arrived there. It was a paradise on earth, with the silence and natural water splash falling from the waterfall which is very reassuring. Moreover, there was no one in this place, just the five of us and two of our guides.


This is an icon of Sambangan village which is also called the Secret Garden. Excitedly we decided to swim in this natural pool. Here we were trying to jump from the height of 2 up to 5 meters. And we were doing several jumps well. After that we proceed to the next waterfall which took about 15 minutes to walk. We walk very carefully as we had to walk in the edge of the abyss and our guide helped us when we had troble walking. Even we should open our shoes, because we had to cross a river, but luckily the river flow is not so heavy.


When we arrived at the so-called “Kroya waterfall” , our guide showed us the attractions which were very challenging to our adrenaline. The attraction was sliding from the top of the Kroya waterfall with a height of 12 meters. Without fear we confidently decided to try sliding and jumping. When we were in the top of the falls, our feet were trembling so fast. However, we decided that we should try this challenge. When we were sliding with loud cries of screams then we reached the pool. Our feelings could not be expressed in words. Perhaps there is only one word that can express what we felt at that time. It was “Amazing”. Then we were hooked and decided to try again for the second time. After having tried sliding we then tried to the next challenge that is jumping from the height of 5 meters. Again we did it well. After that our guide showed us that they could jump from 20 meters from the top of a tree. It looked really incredible. Because it was already 5 p.m., then we decided to go back to the finish point of the journey. We thought that we would continue the journey again next time.

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