3 Waterfalls in Sambangan Village Bali

Waterfall that you can visit during our Trek in Sambagan Village


As the best from the all of the waterfall in bali. Canging waterfall is the third before alingaling waterfall, kroya waterfall, kembar waterfall and pucuk waterfall. A package can be reserved, if you want to have a journey in Sambangan by doing long trekking at BaliJungleTrekking.com , local people in sambangan village, Singaraja, North Bali, Lovina.

The waterfall is called canging because at the waterfall there are some very big tree roots canging and spread across the water, this waterfall are brought Dedari Waterfalls. To reach the canging waterfall,we have to follow a bridge which is made from a wood. It is the priority way that we have to pass. Heading waterfall canging and this wooden bridge connect the Waterfalls Dedari with a Canging Waterfalls, from waterfalls Dedari to the waterfall canging takes to walk for 10 minutes, but this time the bridge that connects the Dedari Waterfalls and Canging Waterfalls already Bit Broken, because there is no body who cared, so there is another way that we can choose. As a choice this time if we want to get to the Canging Waterfalls and Dedari Waterfalls, we had to walk around, past the real jungle, coffee plantations and TiingTali Irigation , for about 20 minutes, and if you want to begin to walk from the starting point you have to spend the time about 45 minutes to find this waterfall by walking. this waterfall has fresh water which is very cool and clean, and has added to 2 meters this makes this place is great for do swimming activity. we can’t jumping and sliding in this waterfall , in spite of swimming activity, many people who come to visit this waterfall are want to do camping.The reason is that this waterfall has a very wide area, it is a good choice for enjoying the natural view of waterfall.This area is still natural, with a capacity of 40 people, the location of this waterfall is very far away from residential areas, so that when you do camping, you will learn to blend with nature, where you can survive by utilizing the natural resource existence, such as wood, vegetables, fish and many others.


Dedari Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the 7 Wonderful waterfalls in sambangan secret garden, lovina, singaraja, north bali, such us aling aling waterfall , kroya waterfall ( unique waterfall, sliding and jumping in the waterfall) , kembar waterfall ( jumping in the waterfall 10 meter-amazing waterfall) , Pucuk waterfall ( adrenaline adventure jumping ), Canging waterfall and cemara waterfall , treatment when you see this waterfall of the future will look a little bit short, because the position of the waterfall is located on a slope of 75 degrees, the locals community call this waterfall Dedari waterfall because for in ancient times it was a bathing place which is used by an angel, and until now the locals still believe for the place when you want to clean your face with the water in this waterfall, by cleaning your face using this water it will make your face will look younger. this waterfall is located below the falls fir, to hike the waterfall is needed about 45 minutes to reach, through the forest was very dense, if you do trekking in need of extra caution, because the conditions of the road are still natural, so the road a bit slippery and muddy, it was about 7 years ago in this waterfall there is a bridge that connects the Dedari Waterfalls and Canging Waterfalls made of wood, but because the bridge already old and not well maintained, it makes this bridge bit broken and did not work again, this time a population of around making small bridge which is made of bamboo, but the bridge was not optimal because each month local residents need to replace the bridge back,



Cemara Waterfall, is the most beautiful waterfalls when we compare to all waterfalls in Sambangan Village such as alingaling waterfall, kroya waterfall, kembar waterfall, Pucuk waterfall, Canging waterfall, Dedari waterfall the Sambangan village (Sambangan secret garden).  The local villager in this area of Sambangan call it Cemara waterfall because there are very large and high pine trees , passing through to see the waterfalls we have to the streets uphill that consist of five climbs that is one way that you have to follow, and the most challenging is that you must pass through the wilderness, to find this waterfall you have to walk for one hour, but fatigue will disappear when you already arrived at this waterfall, where the air is very cool, peaceful atmosphere, just the sound of splashing water that falls, this waterfall has a height of about 25 meters, and it has a width of about 7 meters, this waterfall is great place for take a picture, and for you lover selfie , waterfalls cascading waterfall in a stream of water flowing directly from the Tamblingan Lake and untouched by settlements, it makes the water in this waterfall is very clean, For you who loves camping, this place is a very special place, in addition to the availability of natural resources such as wood, vegetables and herbs that you can use to survive, and when you do camping, bringing a jacket is recommended for warming up your body because the air temperature in the waterfall is very cold


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