Trip Review for Sambangan Medium Trek – Alingaling Waterfalls

My Trip to Sambangan Waterfalls in North Bali

I am French. You can call me Jérôme. I did a vacation in Bali for a couple of weeks. On Saturday 10 September 2016 a friend of mine recommended to try the medium trekking in the village of Sambangan in North Bali. My friend and I booked this tour from candidasa which is located in the eastern part of the island of Bali. At that time we were picked up by a driver at 07.00 a.m. Travel pretty was much impassable during the 3 hour trip, but the trip from the eastern part of the island of Bali to the northern part of the island of Bali is not tiring because this trip was very much past the stretch of coast that is very spacious and indulgent eye. Then we arrived at the office at 10.00 a.m of Sambangan Trekking , and we met a guide whose name was Gede , he was a guide who was very friendly. At the beginning of the trip was medium trekking through rice fields which were very green and here we could see the expanse of sea which is very spacious and hills in north Bali, after traveling for 30 minutes we stopped at one of the houses, to enjoy eating the local fruits here such as cacao and coconut. All of us felt peaceful in this village. All of the experience had made me want to stay longer in Bali Island.

After that the tour continued towards the natural pool or what is called the blue lagoon. In order that we got to this place, it took around 7 minutes walking from the resting place of us. However, when we arrived at the natural pool, all the problems I had suddenly vanished. Here we could see a splash of water falling from a cliff which was cooling the heart so much, and we made a decision to swim in these waterfalls, and attempted to enjoy jumping from the height of 3 meters and 2 meters. Here I have conquered all of the challenges. As a result, I could not wait to try the next challenge. And then we went to the next waterfall which took about 15 minutes walk, then we reached the so-called Kroya waterfall. The guide that accompanied us explained that in this waterfall we could do activities such as sliding, and it looks terrible, but with seduction guide us, and we finally decided to try, and ultimately it was not as scary as I imagined at first. When following up below us feel free, and we decided to try again and accompanied by our tour guide who was very professional. After that we continued our journey to the next challenge. It was jumping with a height of 5 meters, and it is too easy for us, and we made it well, after that our guide escoted us to the next waterfalls. The name of the waterfall was the twin waterfall which was a place to jump with a height of 10 meters. At this water fall we felt a little bit scared. But with my great confidence which was very high at that time, so we decided to jump. And I thought this was a challenge for the last one, however our guide took me to the next waterfall hereinafter that shoots waterfall, in which in this waterfall we could jump with a height of 16 meters. Then I was thinking of not to do this, but with the example that was given by our guide, finally we also decided to do that, and ultimately we did it well.
Finally we did enjoy having lunch at the last waterfalls. The food for us on that day was fried rice. At that time the food was very tasty and we enjoyed it with the accompaniment of water splashing from the waterfall.

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