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Our Previous guest review for Trekking Tour in Sambangan Village Bali

Previous guest review for Trekking Tour in Sambangan Village

Bali Island is a very well-known tourist destination. It is famous for both its nature and culture. As it is located in Indonesia which has tropical climate, the island has only two seasons. What is more interesting is that it has 4 lakes and several active volcanoes. It also has many waterfalls, valleys, and green rain forests, so Bali is nice choice for you who love do Trekking or Hiking. Below I would like to share my experience exploring the waterfalls in the northern part of Bali.

You can call me ferry, I am from Poland. I had spent my time enjoying holiday in Bali for 2 weeks. At that time I had a plan to enjoy exploring the waterfalls in north Bali such as Sekumpul waterfalls, munduk waterfalls and on the 17th of september 2016 I enjoyed exploring the so-called Aling Aling waterfalls. I decided to go by a motorcycle because I thought it would be more fun. The trip began from the southern part of Bali , namely Kuta. We did enjoy driving for two hours past the rice fields, hills and the lake. On our way we had to halt at a temple on the edge of the lake, called Beratan tample. Here we had our good time for one hour sightseeing and taking pictures. We really enjoy the beautiful views of the lake and the hills which are very indulgent to our eyes. After that we went on a trip to the well-known Gitgit waterfall, which is about 6 kilo meters from the Beratan tample. Here we also had a good time looking at the waterfall and we were also interested to purchase a hat which was made of bamboo that cost IDR 50,000.

From Gitgit waterfalls , then we continued our trip to Aling Aling waterfalls. It took approximately 20 minutes driving. When we have arrived at the office of Bali Sambangan trekking, we were welcomed by the front office staff whose name was Semadi. Soon after we made the payment we met a guide whose name was Wayan. He was such a very nice and friendly man. We began the trekking tour from the starting point to the waterfall which is the first about 15 minutes walking. At that time our guide who accompanied us, made offerings in every temple we passed. The guide keep on praying and begging God bless our travel to remain safe and secure. When we finally arrived at the first waterfall which is called Aling Aling waterfall , we had the chance to witness this waterfall that has a height of about 32 meters. Our guide explained to us the history of the aling aling waterfall.

The name of the waterfall was given because of the nature of the waterfall which is very difficult to find because there are cliffs that hide the waterfall. The name “aling aling” actually literally means hidden. In this waterfall we made a decision not to swim because the road leading to this pool was very slippery, and the water flows in the waterfall was very fast, so that our guide suggested us to swim in the next waterfall. To arrive to the next waterfall, it took more or less 7 minutes. When we came to the second waterfall, we did enjoy sliding from the top of the waterfall with a height of 12 meters. When we firstly saw it, it looked terrible, however when we attempted this attraction and we hooked to try it again. After we enjoyed sliding at the waterfall, our guide showed us examples of jumping from the height of 5 meters, and it was a bit frightening because this way we had to jump very far, so that we would not hit the rocks in the bottom of the waterfall. Finally, with all our courage, we did jump twice, after that our guide took us to the next waterfall which was the twin waterfalls. Here in this waterfall our guide demonstrated an example to jump in a waterfall with the height of 10 meters.

Witnesing this, we were eager to do that as well. we finally enjoyed jumping. We did landing well, as result it made me interested in trying the next challenge. After that our guide took us to the last waterfalls, that is Pucuk waterfall. This waterfall owns a height of about 16 meters and a depth of about 8 meters. Here our guide again showed us examples to jump from the top of the waterfall, and surely it looked very scary and we made a decision not to try on that day. In fact it was necessary for us to synthesize our adrenaline so that we were able to jump in this waterfall. Anyway, we did enjoy seeing this last waterfall and we spent our time to take pictures. After we felt satisfied taking pictures we decided to go back to the finish point. This way we must walk past the stairs which was about 5 minutes from the last waterfalls. Indeed, this was a very exciting experience for all of us.

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