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3 Review for Mt Agung Trek for your References before book the tour

References before book Mt Agung Trek

Below Review that we rewrite from our TripAdvisor Page

A Trek Just for True Adventurers”
In case you have a thought that hiking up Agung Mountain is easy, that is totally not true!! Agung Mountain is the hardest trek that I did in my life. It was 5 hours up and 4.5 hours down is certainly not all an easy trek for everyone to do. Actually, this is suitable only for experienced hikers.

Trekking for Sunrise in Agung Active Volcano
The activity is a real adventure. It is truly challenging but indeed very rewarding. For this, it is a compulsory for you to have a great guide and there is no better guide than a Balinese guide called Kadek Gabler.

“The First and the last but worth walking for 12 hours”
I think this volcano hiking is not recommended for you who have average fitness level. Agung active volcano is truly challenging and it is just for experienced climbers. At that time I did respectively 6 hours ascent and descent with the help of a local guide. I am sure that without him we would not made it on time. However, the super tropical views from 3.142 meters above sea level are absolutely breathtaking. Above all, it is worth walking for 12 hours.

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