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The Highest Volcano in Bali

Gunung” is a Balinese or Indonesian word that means “Mountain” and “Agung” is an adjective in Balinese and Indonesian that means “great or glorious”. For the shrewd trekkers, physical action fans and genuine mountain climbers—Gunung Agung will not be bad place. Be that as it may, the individuals who shiver at the possibility of running five kilometers presumably will not appreciate this trek.

“Gunung Agung” or Agung volcano is the most elevated point in Bali. It is a stratovolcano remaining at 3,031 meters—which implies that the trek up there is certainly for the fit among climbers. The courses are likewise significantly more hard to take in comparison with Batur volcano, so that climbing with an experienced guide is suggested (notwithstanding for experienced climbers, else you may wind up like these poor gullible sightseers here).

In total, actually there are three main routes to climb up to the summit of “Gunung Agung”. The three routes are via Besakih temple, Pasar Agung temple, and Dukuh Bujangga Sakti.
If you take the route from Besakih, it is around a six to seven hour climb to the summit (with the last hour being the most difficult). While, if you take the route from Pura Pasar Agung, it is a three to four hour climb, which begins as a trek through the dusty, thick woodland, before changing into a long move over rocks and stones, and afterward proceeding onward to the most troublesome section, an amazingly soak rising to the best without any ropes or bridles (and might include strolling over hardened magma). If you decide to choose the third route, it begins from Dukuh Bujangga Sakti which is the slightest utilized (yet in addition the minimum requesting) course, with the alternative of outdoors at 1700 meters for the individuals who wish to break to spare vitality. This way likewise enables you to circle the edge of the huge hole of the volcano.

In conclusion, Agung volcano IS the well of lava for you on the off chance that: You are a genuine and an accomplished climber who is not staged by unmarked tracks and brutal conditions that fountain of liquid magma summits can some of the time posture.

Whereas, Agung vocano IS NOT the well of lava for you in the event that: You are an eager and learner climber and dissent to having your body completely demolished after the climb.

From the top of Agung vocano, you will have the chance to enjoy truly picturesque views. From this

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