Trekking into the Jungle Of Bali

Do you have planed to do Trekking in Bali when you come to Bali? if yes we as a Bali trekking local guide will more than happy to recommend you the best trekking program for each trekking Category such as : Jungle Trekking in Bali, Waterfall trekking in Bali, Village trekking in Bali, Rice Field Trekking in Bali, and Mountain Trekking in Bali. we have create above trekking program special for you, we sure it’s will meet your expectation.


The best place for Jungle Trekking into jungle Bali is in Tamblingan Jungle, because Tamblingan Jungle is only the one of real jungle in Bali with some legend temple inside the jungle, freeze atmosphere and you can see Tamblingan lake during you walk in the jungle, and all of our guide already trained well, they will informed you the detail information and local culture product knowledge.

Best Jungle Trekking in Bali

The Best place for Waterfall trekking in bali is in Sambangan Village because Sambangan Village has 7 wonderful waterfall which you can explore all of the waterfall in 5 to 6 hours, it’s very amazing since you can do some water attraction during the trek such as : Jumping from the waterfall, and sliding. during the trek you also will walk along the shore of the river and rice field and some plantation.


The best place for Rice field trekking in Bali is, Mayong Village rice field and here you can see very wonderful rice field and you also will be able to see the daily activities of the local farmer and the daily life of local people. and the guide also very professional and ready to help you meet the expectation. you also can enjoy lunch with local people.


The best place for Mountain Trekking in Bali is Mount Batur, here you can see incredible sunrise when you already on the top of the mountain, and you will need 3 hours to claim the mountain and the trekking start in the early morning at 4 am you must be start from the starting point.

For more detail about Trekking in Bali place do not hesitate to contact me any time.

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