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Mostly Hotel,Restaurant and Trekking Point in Bali close for temporally Now

Mostly Hotel, Restaurant, and Some Tourist Destination including Trekking Point in Bali Temporally close due to Covid 19,

Chairman of the Bali Hotel Association  said that almost all hotels and restaurants in Bali were closed temporarily. The closure is related to a covid-19 disease pandemic or corona virus.

“Currently, almost all hotels and restaurants in Bali are temporarily closed for the next one to two months, all at the same time seeing the current situation,” he said, as quoted by Antara on Sunday (5/4).

Even if the hotes still operating, the occupancy of the hotel is below 10%.

“We hope that all General Managers and hotel owners should avoid layoffs (termination of employment) as much as possible. While praying, this situation will soon recover,” he explained.

To respond to this difficult situation, it has implemented efficiency on all fronts, including scheduling employees to take their days off, leave and “extra off” starting from mid-February 2020.

In other side, The most interesting Jungle Trek in Bali , Tamblingan Jungle Trek also close, so all the local guide back to be a farmer again.

Hope all back to normal again.

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