An Amazing Trip to Enjoy the Magnificent Tropical Sunrise, Rice Fields, and Waterfalls

Tour to Tropical Sunrise, Rice Fields, and Waterfalls

Through this Trip, Travelers will have a valuable chance to enjoy Sunrise Watch at Kintamani, Exciting Trekking Experience at Rice Fields in Singaraja-North Bali, and Cool Swimming at Sekumpul Waterfalls in a hidden tropical paradise.
The Three exciting and adventurous activities which are carried out in this tour package are:

Enjoying the magnificent Sunrise in Kintamani
Having a wonderful Trekking at rice field in Sekumpul Village, North Bali
Cool swimming at Sekumpul Waterfalls in a hidden paradise

Enjoying Magnificent Sunrise in Kintamani
All of us are very fond of sunrise at dawn, isn’t that right? From the minute that delightful brilliant egg flies into the morning greatness see behind the mountain, appropriate until the point when the minute it sets at night. This stunning visit begins with the sunrise watch at dawn in Kintamani confronting Mount Batur. Rather than climbing up Mount Batur with the ghastly 1.30 am reminder in wants to get the dawn, we do it with a 5.00 am get from Ubud — observing every one of the activities from Kintamani good country. It can be extremely icy. So it’s constantly pleasant to have some additional layers or coat for warmth. At the point when it’s sprinkling, mists may impede the photo consummate dawn see yet hello it’s an experience. Nothing is ever sure and that is the reason we burrow it to such an extent.

Having a wonderful Trekking at rice field in Sekumpul Village, North Bali
Let us disregard every one of the greens you see around Ubud for some time! They are exquisite however the ones in Singaraja; you get the opportunity to talk with the agriculturists as they do the furrowing with assistance from the wild oxen, you can climb the coconut tree and drink ideal from the source (simply joking, local people will be pleased to climb and get the coconut for you). You’ll at that point encounter a 30 minutes climb all over amongst tight and tricky sloppy ways in the magnificently eye-satisfying rice field framework before intersection a couple of streams and dropping through extremely soak trails close to the finish of the trek. Get ready trekking shoes and additional garments for changing and you’re ready notwithstanding amid the stormy season and the ways turn out to be all the more difficult (and exciting)!

Cool swimming at Sekumpul Waterfalls in a hidden paradise
Bali Jungle Trekking has got a nice companion who came the distance once from USA to visit Sekumpul Waterfall and she said this which completely filled our heart with joy, “This one is unquestionably greater and more excellent than the one I found in Hawaii.” Indeed, close by Git-Git Waterfall in the north of Bali, we figure Sekumpul Village gloats a standout amongst the most transcending and segregated waterfalls in Bali. Enjoy an unwinding swim wide open to the harshe elements water ensured to wash away weakness and worry in life (notwithstanding for only a minor piece minute). How about we go folks! Awesome experience journey is simply within several clicks only.

This trip lasts for 10 hours
All places of interest visited are located in North Bali

Price : USD$65/person ( Minimum 2 persons ), included Private car for pick up and drop back, Breakfast, Mineral Water, Donation to the Village of Kintamani,  Refreshment some local fruit during the trek in sekumpul village, Mineral Water, entrance fee to Sekumpul waterfall,, and lunch box.


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