Best Outdoor Activities in Bali

The Best Outdoor Activities in Bali

Bali Adventure Hiking tours is one of the Best Outdoor  activities in Bali to make you feel memorable, we really recommend to you to do Nature activities if you would like to escape from frustration as Nature activities will blow your mind and refresh your mind, keep in touch with the nature, Nature island, Fresh atmosphere, and see the amazing view of Bali island. For this activities ” The Best Bali Adventure Hiking Tours “you can do in North of Bali, what you do??? Exploring the jungle of Tamblingan lake, Feel the nature, and crossing the tamblingan lake by traditional dugout canoe, beside that you also will visit some old legend temple inside the jungle. our Guide will happy to explain the detail to you.

Bali Outdoor Activities

Below are some picture for Outdoor activities that we arrange in Bali , Jungle Trek thru the Holy Tamblingan Rainforest and crossing the lake by traditional dugout canoe.


Best jungle tour in bali

Best Outdoor Eco Activities in Bali

Tamblingan jungle adventure tours, this is detail of the tours, Firstly you will do registration at our Bali Jungle Trekking Registration office, Our guide will brief you  before entering the Protected jungle of Tamblingan Lake, after that we will start the trek, by entering the jungle and see the lake view, after that we will see Ulun danu temple ( this temple located in the corner of the Tamblingan lake) our guide will explain you the detail about Ulun Danu temple, after that you we will continue to entering the jungle more deeply, in the jungle we will see a lot  the tress of Herbal Medicine, Giant Trees, then we will visit on another temple located in the jungle and from temple area you will see A fresh view of Tamblingan lake, then finally we crossing tamblingan lake by traditional dugout canoe to finishing point. Our finishing point is at Tamblingan village, where you can see some local people house and their activities. and for more detail about the price, itinerary please contact us directly or Click this link – Tamblingan Jungle Trek

best trekking in bali bali twin lakes Bali Trekking

Mount Lesung Jungle Hiking Tour

Here we will climbing  Mount Lesung ( Located near Mount Batur Karu), Mount Lesung is not very popular with climbers and hikers as it is covered with thick forest. The view is strictly limited and Mount Lesung is the best Mountain to choose for climbing and trekking in case you want to exploring the real protected jungle in Bali. In this tour our driver will firstly drop you to the feet of Mt Lesung, it’s take about 15 minutes from our Trekking Office where we do registration . We will be climbing a lush Bali protected rain-forest with giant old tress, also we will visit some old legend temple in the jungle, NAGA LOKA TEMPLE is the first temple we visit,this temple is very unique and nearby the temple there is a cave ( You can see in but should be accompanied by our loal guide and we will be continued to the Top of the mountain where we see second temple named BUKIT TEMPLE this temple is located on the top of LESUNG . Here we can take a rest for a few minutes before continue to go down to the ENDEK TEMPLE ( Chinese Temple) and Following by crosing Tamblingan Lake by Traditional dugout canoe. and for more detail about the price, itinerary please contact us directly –



In this Activities will visit 2 lakes during our trek in the Jungle, firsly we will walking to visit Buyan lake through a lush protected rain-forest area and Jungle area ,  we will be passed some Temples where has located in the central of rain-forest, we will need walking for 3.5 hours to Dalem Temple where Our dug out wooden boat is await for us here to take us across to the west part of the lake. We will prepare extra paddle for you to help the boat roar faster. Also We may see fishermen hunting and fishing the fresh water fish. The boat ride will be about 30 minutes. After we arrived at Pemulungan Agung Temple Our guide will share more information to you about the story of Pemulungan Agung Temple where our driver or your driver will pick you up back. and for more detail please click Bali Twin Lake Jungle Trekking tour



Twin Lakes Trekking

Twin Lakes Trekking

Twin Lakes Trekking

Twin Lakes Trekking


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