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Bali Walking Tour

The Best Recommended Walking Tour in Bali

Basically in Bali there are many choice of Walking Tour such as Walking Tour to Mount Batur to see Sunrise, Walking tour to the Waterfalls, Walking tour to the real protected jungle, and Walking tour to the Amazing Rice field. and the good things is we have combine these Walking tour to be A Full Package of Nature and Adventure Tour in order to offering you the real Bali Experience, Below are the detail of our Bali Walking Tour Programs :

Walking Tour to Mount Batur, the point of the program is see amazing sunrise from the top crater of Mount Batur, and we have combine it with visiting Coffee Plantation, Hot Spring, Tegalalang Rice Field, and Elephant cave temple. This Walking tour start from 2 am from your hotel and finish around at 11.00 am to 12,00 am.

Bali Best Walking Tour

Walking Tour to the Waterfall in Bali, we do have more than one Waterfall Walking tour, each program has a different experience, there are Walking tour to Sambangan Village where you will exploring four waterfall, walking thru the rice field, village, river side, then swimming, jumping and sliding in the waterfalls, young gay is recommended. Sekumpul Waterfall Walking tour, Sekumpul waterfall is the highest + most beautiful waterfall in Bali, it’s consist of 7 waterfalls, also during this walking tour you will walking thru the Rice field, nature village, and see amazing green hill view.

Bali Rice field walking tour, Jatiluwih Rice Field Walking tour is the best of our rice field walking tour that we have arranged because Jatiluih is the widest rice field in Bali, it’s will blow your mind, beside that during the tour you will learn a lot thing about our Traditional Water Irrigation which called SUBAK, 

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