North Bali Hiking and Trekking Tour to Waterfalls in Munduk Village Bali

Trekking Tour to Waterfalls in Munduk Village Bali

Munduk Village is one of the Beautiful Village in Bali, Munduk Village is still very nature That won the first French tourists and gradually came to be known by many as a ‘Retreat’ in the mountain, away from the crowds and close to nature. Therefore Munduk Village is the best destination for you who would like to do Hiking Tour as this region is surrounded by rain forest and offers many options to walk through forests, lakes, waterfalls, temples, rice terraces, coffee plantations, cloves, Vanilla, avocado, and much more.

As a Local Bali Trekking Company we already created special Hiking and trekking package in Munduk Village Bali for you who would like to explore this Beautiful Village, during this hiking tour we will show you 3 wonderful waterfalls, and walking thru the Coffee plantation, cloves, bamboo, and local people house. 

local guide for munduk waterfall village bali Munduk Village Bali

You also very possible to swimming in each waterfalls that we visit during the trek, and the most suitable waterfall for swimming is the last one, the last waterfalls is the highest and most beautiful due to it’s look very nature.

For more detail about Munduk Waterfalls Trekking Package please just click below link or contact us directly.

munduk waterfalls waterfalls in munduk village

And What People say about Munduk Waterfalls in Munduk Village Bali ?

Montmagny, Canada ” We took the road near the Taman Ayu . The roads are pretty well marked and it is rather easy to meet. It crosses the land with houses so do not hesitate to ask !! We spoke with several backpackers and had not taken the same path as us, but we have seen the same things !! The falls are really beautiful, it’s worth a glance really . We have not made ​​the third by apparently it is less high . Our hike lasted about 2:30 . Attention to those who are less fit or is knee problem … the first drop means having to go up and down a steep flight of stairs ! “
avignonwe visited waterfalls in 2 phases: an afternoon, the Melanting waterfall: from Melanting Cottages, follow the river and panels. This waterfall of about 23 m high is located just 440 steps infernal whose ascent is particularly difficult, especially for children. Allow 1 hour round trip Melanting Cottages. bit closer, the red coral waterfall, not shown, bit easier and where you can swim. We discovered the next day with a guide: same start as the previous but the small spice shop, turn right (the Melanting waterfall is clearly indicated to the left), continue 50m, a little in the mud, and you have arrived! “



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