Hiking to Mount Batukaru Bali

Mount Batukaru Jungle Hiking Tour

One of the mountains in Bali is Mount Batukaru which is 2,275 meters above sea level. It is the second highest mountain in Bali, the highest peak of it is in the Bedugul volcanic area. As an off volcano, its landscape is the most unique rainforest mountain trek experience in Bali. The rainforest of Mount Batukaru is hidden away from populated areas. That’s why it is perfect for those that escape from the crowded touristic places. As it is largely undiscovered, this mountain area offers tourists the combination of nature, culture and amazing panorama. This is a highly spiritual and sacred place. A Hindu temple called “Pura Luhur Batukaru” is located in this mountain.

Different from other mountains in Bali, it is rare to see other trekkers along this hike. This rain forest is the largest wetland in Bali. Due to its function for conservation, the number of trekkers who are permitted are limited. The fertile volcanic soil of the mountain combined with its dense rainfall, the rainforest is home to innumerable of wildlife. Here trekkers can witness the “Kijang” (small deer), “Pangolin” (ant eater), Macaque, the leaf eating monkey, and the “Luwak” that digests then passes out coffee beans to be roasted afterwards.

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Trekking to Mount Batukaru


The nine hour challenging ascent in Mount Batukaru gets through a narrow and unsealed trail that is mostly shaded by tropical rainforest. If you visit the small mountain temples along the way, please enter it politely. Women during their period are not permitted to enter the temple.


When you arrive at the summit, you will be rewarded with complete tranquility, overlooking panorama of Mount Agung, Lombok island, Java island and the north, south as well as east of Bali. The largest crater in Bali sits atop the mountain with a view of the lakes of Bedugul.


Below is the Detail Itinerary of Batukaru Trekking Tour :

04.15 am – Pick up from your Hotel or we can do pick up at 11,00 pm if you would like to see sunrise from Batukaru Mountain.

06.00 am – meet with our local Guide

06.15 am – Arrive at Starting Point and start the trek – during the trek, It is about 4 hours climbing to reach the top and we will also serve you with a picnic lunch during our rest in the trek. From here magnificent panorama of southern and northern Bali all are clearly seen. On the way down, we will learn a lot of plantations grow up in the tropical rain forest used for years by the local people as herbal medicine. This forest is rich with flora and fauna, that’s way many singing birds are clearly heard. This is the best trek for those who really want to escape from the crowd because a day in the jungle.

11.15 am – Arrive at the top of the Mountain ( During the trek we will visit 4 old legend temple in the jungle )

5 Pm – Arrive at Parking Area

7 PM – arrive back to your hotel ( depend the location of your hotel)

Note : During our trip back to your hotel we will pass Beautiful Jatiluwih Rice Terrace ( The widest Rice Field in Bali.

Mt Batukaru Trekking Price

The Price of This trek is USD$99/person ( Minimum 2 persons ), the cost included : Private Car for pick up and drob back, Private Trekking Guide, Picnic Lunch, Breakfast Box, entrance fee to Jatiluwih Rice Field, Trek equipment, mineral water, and some local fruit during the trek.

What To bring and use : Long Pants, Shoes, Sandals, and camera.


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