This trek will lead you to the dry side of the valley. You should take your time and have some water with you. The way is terraced by concrete, but in some parts it is pretty steep, so you should wear good shoes.The trek consists of three parts: T1, T1 A, T1 B.

T1 from Munduk Bestala to a junction.

T1 A    From that junction to a dead end at a small farm.

T1 + T1 A are 2 km one way and will take ca. 1 ½ hours from Munduk Bestala to the dead end and back to Munduk Bestala.

When you start at the Kantor, you have to go back to the road and turn right. After 105 m you see on the right side a sign “PPK ..” and an small concrete way leads down to the valley. Follow this way and after 190 m you reach a bridge.  410 m later you are at a bamboo-bridge. 620 m later you reach at the Junction. Follow the way for 730 m and you are at a dead end. Go back to the junction to continue with T1 B or to go back to Munduk Bestala.

T1 B is 4.7 km long and will lead you from the junction up to the road from Lovina to Banyuseri. After 445 m you reach a small junction, keep left. 200 m later you are at the road. Turn left to Banyuseri. You will follow the road back to Munduk Bestala. Turn left to Banyuseri. 1.6 km later you are there. In the village you turn right to Tirtasari. After 630 m there is a junction. From down left comes the road from Munduk. You follow the road to the righ and after 2 km you reach at Munduk Bestala. Follow the sign “VIEWS” to the left until you are at the Kantor, where the treks begin.



starts at the Kantor and brings you down to the humid valley with rice terraces. It ends at a small temple (candy) with beautiful trees and a pool where you can rest and take a cool bath. This is a central point, where several treks start or end.Trek 2 A leads you thru the rice fields to a small hill with nice views. Please stay on the marked path, so you will not disturb the farmers or destroy the fields.

Trek 2 B will bring you to the forest with some interesting trees.

Holy Water

Near the temple there is a short way to a nice place with a holy water.Munduk Bestala, Bengkel Traditional Balinese Usada (medicine) Proccessing and Jin Valley(Spiritual place and best waterfall in North Bali)


starts from Munduk Bestala to forest then cross the river, and up to the main road. Walks through the small river bang about 3 km to reach Bali Usada Processing (herbs traditional medicine processing). It lies at the hill where the herb also grows. The visitor could see the process and allow for them to make it. In the central herbal medicine visitor can try. It is  herb oil for the baby and for adult. The therapy oil for rheumatics and other deceases. The theory of making this oil is taken from the Bali Lontar Pengobatan (usada). The fermentation without chemical. It just made of real herbs. After one or two hours at home industry, the track continues to     waterfall. It is about 80 meters high. This waterfall very famous for central meditation for the holy man. Visitor can take bath here. There is a pool where you can lay down, full of fresh water. The atmospheres make you enjoy stay there. This waterfall have deferent situation the other waterfall in Bali. It has wide area the view just in front of you from 400 meters. It is a beautiful and fantastic area. One hour at the waterfall the car pick you up and take you back to your hotel.

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