The heroic of Bestala and Munduk Bestala in 1945

 In 1942-1945 Indonesian struggle for a freedom to the Duct colonial
Bali as one of the Indonesian island, which is rich of herbs. It makes Duct colony interest to stay and live in Bali. Since the kingdom period in 1887. Bali becomes a shelter of the Duct colony. The “divide at imp era” is a politic strategy which had applied for the King. This politic made the King to make a deferent ideology one to another. Most the effect of this politic makes Balinese broken. They competed each other. The colony care for community whose come and follow the colony, they safely. But other was under presser. It was running long years, until 350 years Balinese live under the Hollander colony. Bali is one of the island which are people refused. Balinese don`t like to meet and making a corporation to the Duct. Because, Duct want to make Balinese people suffer. Suffer in economic, prosperity, and education.
 Bestala in colony period was a village which an authority leads by a Mekel (head village). Bestala as a group of community the authority was under the Seririt district. In the period of the Duct colony Bestala had became of a central of the volunteers. Here a group of local community make a master plan and strategy to fight to the Holland colony.
 The colonies know was a Mekel (head village) leading this area. The Mekel is very clever and have the great fluencies to the volunteers (pemuda). The name of Mekel is Empu Sangging. Empu Sangging (mekel) was a loyal citizen. He has nationalism ideology. Consciences life.
 Very close to all local villagers. His heart and spirit shared not for only local community but he has a friendship to the Chinese. The family of Chinese said that he act as his son. The Chinese man also likes to be Mekel people.
 On his ways leading the volunteer’s Indonesian army, he has a brilliant technique. Every people obey for his plan in a way fighting to the Duct colony. The authority of the Mekel territorial was Bestala, Munduk Bestala, Banyuseri and Pedawa. The route track of the Volunteers army: starts from Bestala up to munduk Bestala, to Banyuseri, Pedawa and end in Panji (buana kerta monument)
 Bestala Monument
 1. Hero Statue
 The sign approve there was a heroic fighting in this area is one of an army statue. It lies at the edge of the village. At the gate and junction to Munduk Bestala. At the monument written names of the volunteers who died at a big heroic fight with Duct colonies army in Bestala and Munduk Bestala.
 2. Mekel house (Pasraman)
 Mekel house was a base centre of volunteers. In the day they away from the house then at night they gather for any discussions and coordination. Mekel have an amazing spirit in leading the struggle. A witnesses says that, he doesn`t leave the house. He lives in the house all the day. The reason, he was not a volunteers but he gave service for his community. After long day enough, colony knows that Mekel organises for the all strategy to fight colony. Then the colony catch Mekel. He was interrogated by the head colony but he only shut up no explain about the organisation. Colony press Mekel with psychical way, but he doesn`t tell something about his action and about the position of volunteers.