Ponjok Batu Temple Bali

Yes, Even Ponjok Batu Temple is far a way from Tourist area, but this temple can be easy visited from Lovina, for example if you stay in Lovina and you book The Sunrise Trek to Mt Batur with us, so after we finish the trek we can take you to this unique temple during on the way back to your Hotel in Lovina. we just need to take 15 minutes different direction.

Why this temple named Ponjok Batu Temple because this is a stone temple where all temple buildings are made from stone, therefore this temple is very unique temple in Bali. It is located Banjar Alasari, Pacung countryside, Tejakula sub district and Singaraja regency about 24 km eastside of Lovina or north part of Bali. This temple area own the wide area about 35 acre in form of black stones bank. The position of this temple is rather sticking out to the sea as a foreland or Ponjok. Base on the position and condition then this place is named by Ponjok Batu so that the temple is standing above foreland petrify and it is referred as Ponjok Batu Temple.


Below Ponjok Batu Temple in history – This temple has a very interesting story as describe below

In papyrus of Dwijendra Tattwa elaborate that Danghyang Nirartha (who one spread out the Hinduism in Bali) besides executing Tirtha Yatra (visit the holy places) in Bali area, he also do at Lombok and Sumbawa Island . When he does the tirta yatra in Lombok and Sumbawa Island , he leave in Bali passing the north area of Bali and then it is named by Denbukit. Hereinafter narrated that Danghyang Nirartha found the lodging that is located in coastal periphery with its stone bank and steep rather sordid to sea in the form of a foreland which is called Ponjok. After omitting a few moments in the lodging then he go to Lombok and Sumbawa Island to conduct the Tirtha Yatra. At the end, the Pesraman/lodging of Danghyang Nirartha is built an altar named with Ponjok Batu Temple which has been existing since 16 century. It is founded together with the execution of Danghyang Nirartha journey in north part of Bali . Hope this simple description is useful for you, and if you interest to visit this temple , please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.


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