If you interest after Mount Batur Sunrise Treking Tour, we will Happy to Make a Stop at Panting Museum Ubud during on the way back to your Hotel, What Panting Museum? below is the Description>

Puri Lukisan/Panting Museum

Panting Museum is located about 200 meters from Puri Saren / Ubud Palace and it is dissociated by dell, climb a piece of wide plain with beautiful view.

The one that made Bali become famous to corners of the world is the creativity of its artists, was no exception in the field of painting (either modern or traditional). Therefore, it’s no wonder in various corners of the museum’s painting was found. One of them is Museum Puri Lukisan. Museum located on Jalan Raya Ubud, Gianyar, andis about 40 minutes away from Denpasar, it is the oldest existing museum of painting in Bali.


The establishment of the Museum Puri Lukisan originated from the worries of impending depletion of Balinese culture. The works of the painter island of the gods has gained international recognition since the beginning of the 20th century. Since a few decades ago, works by the painter also spread to various parts of the world as souvenirs for tourists. This makes the specificity of work of painting origin of Bali are feared to be lost and hard to find in the future.

This initiative gave rise to thoughts of some figures to set up gatherings of artists named Pitamaha in 1936. The artists who founded the Pitamaha, among others, Tjokorda Gde Agung Sukawati (King of Ubud), Walter Spies (painter Germany, 1895-1942), and Rudolf Bonnet (Netherlands painter, 1895-1978). The mission carried by thisAssembly is preserving and developing the arts in Bali, both traditional and modern. At the beginning of its existence, this Assembly activities, among others, make an exhibition to introduce the works of its members which reached 125 artists to an international audience.


Over time, the Organization has experienced ups and downs. One of the times of crisis that the organization is due to the influence of World War II. At that time, the artists began to feel the need for the existence of the museum. Established in 1953, the new container named Ratna Foundation Wartha. The Foundation was in fact pass on ideas that have been commissioned by the Pitamaha. Through the Foundation, Ratna Wartha, the idea to establish the musuem of art Bali start realized by the Design Museum Puri Lukisan.

Laying the first stone that marks the development done by Prime Minister Ali Sastroamidjojo on January 31, 1954. The Museum was inaugurated by the Minister of education and culture, Mohammad Yamin, on January 31, 1956. Then, Tjokorda Gde Agung Sukawati became Director of the museum while the Rudolf Bonnet acts as a curator. The museum’s collections constitute the contribution of the artists. In addition,there is also a collection of purchased funds derived from donations.

The museum’s collections is generally divided into several categories, namely painting puppet kamasan, woodcarving, paintings by members of Pitamaha, paintings by I Gusti Nyoman Lempad of Bali painting, and the modern era. Collection-this collection is on display in four galleries. The fourth Gallery, the Gallery of Pitamaha (Balinese paintings between 1930-1945 and I Gusti Nyoman Lempad), Ida Bagus Made Gallery (Bali painting 1945-current and Ida Bagus Made’s paintings), Gallery of the puppet (Bali painting 1945-current and paintings in kamasan puppet), while the fourth gallery displays information of the history of the founders of the Museum Puri Lukisan.

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