Thing to do and guest activities in Ubud

Thing to do in Ubud village Bali

Spiritual Activity

Water Blessing

Worshipers first make a blessing, burning incense and offering red, white, and yellow flowers to the different Hindu gods, before climbing into the main pool which has a row of 12 fountains, each pouring sacred water into the pool.

Wearing traditional clothing, people line up in the water and duck under the spouts three times.  Each fountain has a different significance, providing things like protection from evil spirits, blessings for fertility and wealth and also blessings for the dead.

A guide can explain fully the meaning each fountain an which ones are appropriate to bathe in.

After bathing in the purifying waters, worshipers proceed to the temple where they participate in a purification ceremony, performed by holy men. Here worshipers make more offerings of flowers and are anointed with holy water and rice.

Located at Tirta Empul ( Tampak Siring

  • Fortune Teller & Healer

Pak Cokorde Rai is a Traditional Balinese Healer with many year’s experience ;  based in the village of Negari, near Ubud

Cokorde Rai works energy, with the aid of massage, to balance harmonies and re-energize the body mind spirit, thus enabling the healing of broken bones, strokes, impotence, depression, stress, sick organs and other more subtle problems.

He is an authentic Balian healer and works with many Balinese, helping to decide on auspicious days for marriages, cremation, house building etc as well as assisting them with physical and emotional problems. You will see many people in his compound who come to consult him, bringing offerings and gifts as well as monetary donations.

Blue can assist with translating his advice into English and interpreting his treatments.

  • Local Village Temple Visit

By visiting Three of the main temple that we call as Tri Kahyangan (Pura Dalem, Desa Puseh, Puseh) and explanation where we can reach by push bike in one village.

Located at Tegalalang, Gianyar,

  1. Balinese Local Life Activity ( located at Tegalalang, Gianyar)
  • Village Walk is a activity where we can visiting local village activity and visit one of local Balinese house compound with Balinese style and explaining what the meaning is inside the house. After that we can visit the local Balinese farming and enjoy the scenery from the Hut
  • Wood Balinese Carving Lesson learning how to carving in Balinese special tools, and documentation
  • Balinese Music Instrument Lesson learning how to play in Balinese music instrument that we call Rindik who made from bamboo.
  • Night Market by visiting one of the Balinese traditional market in Gianyar Regency start from 6.00pm until 9.00pm, that sell many kind of Balinese food and pastry like food vendor with a lot of choice.
  • Morning Market by visiting one of the Balinese traditional market in Ubud start from 5.00am until 11.00pm, that sell many kind of Balinese local people daily needed and explanation some of that.
  • Pottery art  activity at Tantri Museum located in Pejaten village, Tabanan regency. The place where guest can do visit the museum that has a lot of pottery collection made from ceramic or clay to make chinaware or any kind of shape and will be guided by professional pottery maker.
  1. Sport Activity
  • Cycling exploring the Balinese local village on push bike and stop in some of rice terrace view to know more about the Bali farmer society are called “SUBAK” with their famous water irrigation system.
  • Volcano Mountain Trekking in Batur Volcano Mountain or Agung volcano mountain to see the sunrise on the top of the mountain with the whole view of Bali island.