Trekking Equipment you need to know before do Hiking in Bali


Once the word ‘trekking’ pops up, the question about how to do it and what equipment is needed, would be immediately appears in our mind. In addition, some frequently questions also comes up, such as what and how should I pack? Is it too much or too little for a short or long trekking? Therefore, I decided to summarize several “state of the art” of trekking after those kinds of questions got into my mail. Here we are, Bali trekking tour company, would like to share a bit about trekking equipment you need before you do trekking, that equipment are:

1. It’s all about the layers
Layer become one of the most essential part to think about by trekkers. Should I bring the thick or thin ones? Having trekking in small mountain such as mountain in Bali, Mount Batur, Mount Agung, Mount Abang, and Batur Caldera trekking might not need a thick one as its temperature is not as cold as in Europe, even when you arrive on the summit waiting for the sunrise. As a tropical Island, the temperature on the summit would be between 12 to 10 degrees except Mt. Agung trekking. Note: always prefer to have an extra layer in your bag for anticipating the sudden cold weather which is mostly experienced in rainy season.

2. Never skimp on sun protection
As you travel higher in elevation of the beach area, the sun becomes much stronger. Consequently, preparing a sunblock is strongly needed. Remember, make sure an ample and strong sunscreen is ready to protect your skin. Besides, complete yourself with a hat that protect your face from the sun. A foldable or jungle hat could be the best option— we don’t need to look pretty while trekking though. Remember, trekking with sunburn — head, face or hands — is miserable. Moreover, when your sunburn is bad enough, you’ll almost feel flu-like which is not good for your peak performance.

Last bit not least, make sure to put on sunglasses with quality lenses to protect your eyes. Otherwise, they will become burned and sore too