Climbing up Mount Agung with Bali Jungle Trekking community

My Experience to Climb Mount Agung with B.J.T


I have just returned from travelling to Bali Island, Indonesia. It was my first time travelling and first time somewhere so exotic and far away from home. I went with a friend of mine and used Bali Jungle Trekking community to help organize a trekking trip. One of our outdoor activities was climbing mount Agung, the highest mountain in Bali. For us who have only climbed stairs in our life we weren’t quite sure what to expect.


Our tour guide picked us up from the hotel where we stayed at about 11 P.m. and directly drove us to the mountain. Because Bali Jungle Trekking Company organized this activity for us, we did not take any necessities such as backpack, head torch, mountain shoes or trousers. Fortunately, our mountain guide was very helpful and well-organized. And he has obviously had people like us in the past and provided us with all the equipments we would need for the trekking trip to climb the mountain.


Mount Agung is a very difficult mountain to climb which reaches 3,142 meters high. We started the trekking trip in the darkness of the night and could not see the extent of the mountain which actually was in our favour. It took us four hours to get to the summit and about the same duration to get down again. Our guide was called Nyoman, he was absolutely brilliant, keeping our moral up when we were struggling to climb with very steep areas quite regularly. He had our safety and our needs in his hands and really took care of us such as giving us biscuits and sugary snacks along the way to recharge our energy levels.

To our surprise, on our way up we could regularly see the local Balinese people who climbed the mountain to do prayer at the summit, some of them were in sandals and flip flops. Some of the local people had boxes on their heads while they were climbing and carrying very heavy objects which made us feel a little bit foolish for we were struggling just to carry our own body weight. They were also singing merrily and encouraging one another while hiking up to the peak.


Obviously when we reached the peak of the mountain at sunrise, it is truly beautiful. Nyoman provided us with breakfast, tea or coffee, a sandwich and fresh fruits.
He always made conversation with us and really tried to engage himself during the climb and descent. He was also happy to take many pictures of us at the summit of the mountain.


It was the culmination of our trip and really was a wonderful thing to accomplish. It was really a hard trekking trip but satisfying to reach the peak and seeing the whole Southern parts of Bali Island.
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