Canyoning Adventure in Bali

Canyoning Adventure Tour in North of Bali

Canyoning, Trekking, Hiking are the main outdoor activities that we organize at the moment, and in this package we would like to introduce our Canyoning Adventure Tour in Git Git Village, for us this is the best Canyoning adventure in Bali because you will pass many waterfalls, green hill, and the village is still very nature, that the reason why we choose arrange Canyoning in git git waterfall than other canyoning tour in Bali. we only choose the best from the best.

So If you would like to really enjoy undergoing the greatest outdoor natural activities in Bali, it is recommended to witness and explore the natural waterfalls of the northern parts of Bali Tropical Island in these memorable and fun outdoor adventure activities. During the adventure activities, visitors are given options with 4 different levels to choose from, in which anyone and everyone is able to join in the fun adventure in natural settings!

Canyoning Trip at Git git Waterfalls with Bali Jungle Trekking Team- 

The Highlights of the Canyoning
• Activity of slipping down natural water slides
• Fun activity of going down amazing waterfalls
• Exciting free jump into rock pools below (which is 100% secure!) and Swim in natural spring water cavities
• Excellent pick-up service Included from anywhere you stay in Bali!
• Amazing results of free photographs from our GoPro camera!

Our canyoning visits are a fun and carefree approach to find the stunning game of canyoning. The spots of our canyons are naturally situated in Gitgit village in the northern hilly parts of Bali Tropical Island and practicable on consistently along the year. Each is made of an assortment of portions which you will appreciate: swims, normal water slides, hops, rappels, and superb scenes of plant-secured, volcanic shake and regular warm spring bowls which make these lively plummet heaps of fun. There are FOUR choices for your exciting day canyoning:

Gitgit Waterfalls is the best place for Canyoning in Bali , and below is 4 option of our Canyoning adventure tour in north of Bali : JUST CLICK IT FOR MORE DETAIL

1. Kalimudah Canyoning Adventure (simple fledgling’s presentation) 2. Twofold K Discovery Canyoning Adventure (marginally more and more daring excursion) 3. Kerenkali Canyoning Adventure (an activity pressed day in one of Bali’s most lively ravines) 4. Tamata Canyoning Adventure (for the individuals who don’t know how to swim) 5) Aling Gorges Canyoning Adventure (the most daring choice for the adrenaline junkies!)