Three Days of Fascination and Adventure that truly inspired

Best 3 dAYS Adventure Package with Bali Jungle Trekking

For three days, the exciting activities are cool swimming at a destination called Secret garden, challenging jumping off Kembar Waterfall in north Bali, Hiking Ijen Crater, and exciting Snorkeling in Menjangan Island
This exciting tour package lasts for three days.

The destinations visited are located in North Bali, West Bali, and East Java
The rate of the tour package is USD 349

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The Tour is carried out with minimum 2 persons on board. The rate of this tour package includes accommodation for a couple of nights ( at Lovina, and at Java ) , breakfast, lunch, dinner, and pick up service from Ubud, Kuta, and Seminyak. The three exciting adventure activities which are covered in this tour are:

Enjoying a cool swim at a spot called Secret Garden and Jumping off Kembar Waterfall

Having an exciting Hike up Ijen Crater

Having a good chance to enjoy snorkeling in Menjangan Island

During this tour that lasts for three days, this simply means three times more exciting as we are going to explore three most terrific destinations in and around Bali. It is the best way to experience what the nature has to offer as this tour covers East Java, West Bali and North Bali in three days and two nights. What a tour combination it is.

A truly exciting swim at Secret Garden and Jumping off Kembar Waterfall

On the first day, we are going to make our way to the lush Secret Garden for a relaxing swim before arriving at Kembar Waterfall in the northern side of Bali where jumping from12 meters platform into the refreshing cold water will be one of the coolest things you are going to ever do in life. It is not for the faint-hearted kind though, but you need not to worry because our travel host is going to stand by and guide you throughout the whole course. “Kembar” is arguably the most exciting waterfall we have ever seen on the tropical paradise island of Bali.

Enjoying a hike Up at Ijen Crater

On the second day, what is more exciting is the challenging hike up at Ijen Crater in Eastern part of Java Island. This activity may perhaps be a little energy demanding for some of our visitors but rest assured fatigue will vanish once we arrive at the top; when we take that wonderful view in — a moment in life that will remain in mind for a life time. Ijen Crater is very famous for its natural occurrence called “The Blue Fire”. This occurrence comes from chemical reaction between sulphur gas that appears from the cracks of a volcano with air. There are only two magnificent natural wonders like this on earth; one of them is here in Java and the other one is in Iceland.

Having a fun chance to enjoy snorkeling in Menjangan Island

On the third day, it is the occasion to make an intimate meet up with Nemo at one of the point of interest s in the wonderful West Bali National Park called. The small island that we will visit as our destination is called “Menjangan Island”. In a more figurative language we can say that Batfish, butterfly fish, lionfish, and puffer fish are flying around up and down ready to make love to the camera. Tourists really enjoy snorkeling and scuba-diving as the most famous activities around this exotic island. Some of our guests practice “the art of relaxing and escaping” by sort of brooding pretty close by the beach, drinking Margarita, enjoying ipod and reading favorite books. The word “Menjangan” in Balinese/Indonesian language means “deer”; in this location, wild deer groups live in the island and own the capability to swim very far away from one island to the others, reaching a distance of at least one mile.

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