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Sambangan Sacred Garden Waterfall Trek

HIKING TOUR PACKAGE TO SAMBANGAN WATERFALLS TOUR PACKAGE TO SAMBANGAN SACRED GARDEN  – BLUE LAGOON  Let enrich your unforgettable experience and your knowledge during your holiday in Bali – In this journey you will see a lot of things about nature. The view will make you feel at home for a long stay there. After passing the fields you will find three waterfalls their secret Blue Lagoon, Pucuk Waterfalls, Kroya Waterfall, and Kembar Waterfalls.


We will complete your journey by inviting you to try our activities in the waterfall. You may explore your adventurous spirit by sliding down Kroya Waterfall with a height of 12 m, and a jump from the Kembar Waterfall with a height of 10 m and Pucuk Waterfall with a height of 15 m – for more detail please visit – Source: HIKING IN BALI

8 Comments on Sambangan Sacred Garden Waterfall Trek

  1. In the morning we were picked up by to our hotel by Gede, he led us through the jungle. We have beautiful waterfalls seen and slid away from it. (Super cool to do!) then at the end afgeze again at our hotel.
    Thanks for this wonderful experience Gede!


  2. Last summer the Aling Aling visited waterfalls in Sambangan at Singaraja. What an experience, what a wonderful nature! It is a bit isolated, but you will also not affected by mass tourism and pushy souvenir sellers. Gede is a friendly and knowledgeable guide. You can also with him other excursions. (tracking rice fields) If you like adventurous: take your swimming gear. And in rainy weather: good walking shoes


  3. My girlfriend and I were brought to one of the most impressive waterfalls at all by Gede. It was so beautiful and was completely expected. Gede was an excellent guide and we had a great time. If I ever go back, I will visit him. Thank you for the great time!


  4. We have enjoyed the waterfalls, slid in off, and jumped off, 6.10 and 16 meters
    Really kick.
    Super gift guides with lots of humor, will be back


  5. Last week I went to Bali with my friend and made a tour here. In Lovina, we have a Tour at Swetha by the waterfalls. This Tour was really beautiful! The falls are very beautiful! We were very well accompanied, he was super friendly and gas free. It is highly recommended to do this Tour! We will definitely return!


  6. First, a walk through the beautiful nature. You wander between the rice fields. With the locals coconut water drunk. Our guide was super! Happy enthusiastic boy who told us everything about the area and was in for a joke. Once you arrive at the first waterfall we had plenty of time for swimming and jumping from rocks. After a short walk we arrived at the other waterfalls where we could slip. What a super experience! Then we were allowed to jump from 5 and 10 metres. The 16 meter we miss, but the guide so jumped from! It’s very quiet around these waterfalls and that while we were in the high season. A super good experience!


  7. Really beautiful waterfalls that can be visited on a tour. Sure, there are definitely more beautiful waterfalls, but these I like particularly, that there can be water activities. Cliff jumping (5 m, 10 m, 15 m) and slide down a water fall is really the absolute highlight!


  8. All around perfect!
    There’s fresh fruit at a local family and the lunch nasi goreng right at the foot of the waterfall.
    The secret garden is beautiful. We were in the natural swimming pool swimming, sliding down a natural waterslide of 12m and jump from up to 16 m.
    I didn’t think before that I myself believe anything, but the Guide conveys the feeling that everything is easy a super cute way and so I jumped in fact 10 m at the end
    At no time was looked at the clock, , everything was very relaxed!
    Thank you again for the Amazing day!


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