Climb Mount Agung, In this nice opportunity we are as Bali Local trekking company would like to will write here on this page and specifically discuss the Bali Agung mountain climbing tips. As you already know, the island is very well known to foreign countries with cultural, artistic and tourist attractions in Bali. Not only a place like Bali beach resort island water sports offer, it also has a beautiful island volcano like Mount Agung and Mount Batur. Mount Agung is Bali’s highest mountain with a height of 3142 meters and became one of the climb are favored by hikers. Mount Agung is located in the District of Rendang, Karangasem, Bali.
Climbing Mount Agung Bali – 4 Tips Ascent What to Do Before you climb Mount Agung Bali, there are four tips that you need to do for your safety during ascent. Four tips include:

What you have to be prepared before start the Hiking in Bali

1. Avoid bringing food and drink made from beef.
Cow or ox for Hindus in Bali is very sacred and believed to provide livelihoods for every living being, therefore, for both Hindus very taboo to consume beef. When you climb Mount Agung, do not bring food such as beef, with the goal of respect you to masy
2. The Weather
Consider the weather, because this is an important factor in climbing Mount Agung. If it rains, we recommend you to cancel the activities of climbing, because when rain occurs, the weather becomes erratic and slippery roads and will be very cold temperatures that can reach 10 degrees Celsius. So prior to complete the climb yourself with jackets, gloves in order to reduce the temperature of the cold, bring a raincoat so that in the event of rain in the Great mountain climbing you do not get wet.
3. Enough Supplies
What I mean by supplies are food and drinking water, to reach the top of Mount Agung takes 7-10 hours so if you go up and down, the total time that you need is 15-20 hours, so eating and drinking water supplies is essential.
4. Avoid Climbing On When There’s Religious Ceremonies.

Please do not climb Mount Agung if there is a religious ceremony. In the area of Mount Agung are 2 major temples and temple Besakih is the Great Market, if there is a process of religious ceremonies in the second temple, cancel your intention to climb. This is a form of respect and tolerensi you to Hindus who are conducting religious activities. If you do not want to void climb after arriving in Mount Agung, you should find out in advance, about the schedule and the ceremony at the temple Besakih temple Agung.arakat Markets around Mount Agung.

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Hope what we have share to you will be useful and please do not hesitate to contact us any time if you need more info.

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